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Bluedio impressions thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by Slater, Jul 18, 2018.
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  1. vinokurov
    Sorry, I'm not Slater and you did not ask me, but
    it would be nice if you at least roughly outlined what you value in a sound
    otherwise any advice will be unreasonable, our preferences are often different
  2. Slater
    Nope, my T6 got lost in shipping and Bluedio is in the process of giving me a refund. Since I have way too many headphones, I don't plan on reordering another one at the current time.

    If you are considering the T6, I would definitely not pay $50 for it. On 11.11 it will be about $30. In fact, I would wait for the 11.11 sale before buying ANYTHING on Aliexpress, as it is all discounted for the sale.

    Be aware that the ANC works poorly on all full size Bluedio headphones. So I would not buy a Bluedio for the ANC functionality. Bluedios DO, however, have great battery life, great bluetooth range and reliability, and (other than the T4) low latency for video/movie watching.

    Have you considered a Bluetooth transmitter? The Xiaomi one is really good, and will turn any headphone or earphone (that you already own) into Bluetooth. It's very small and the battery lasts a long time. It usually sells for $12-$18.

    Be aware that Bluedios usually have a v-shaped sound tuning, with an emphasis on the low end. If you like how beats are tuned, then you will like Bluedios. They can be retuned though - I tune mine to have less sub bass, making them a little more balanced. You did not say what kind of sound tuning you like though, so Bluedios may be too bassy for you.

    Although I do not own a pair, I have heard nothing but good things about the UFO from more than 1 source. It is a bit expensive, but will be on sale for 11.11. If that is still too much money for you, I recommend the T3+. It has a metal build, making it very durable. Just keep in mind the metal construction comes at a weight penalty.

    Also be aware that I do not own any other full size bluetooth headphones other than multiple Bluedio models. It is possible that there are other (better) options than Bluedio. I just don't have any personal experience with them.
    Last edited: Sep 11, 2018
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  3. vinokurov
    About the price of $ 30 at 11.11 - optimistic, in my opinion but that would be good. Definitely, I would buy myself 2 more pairs at this price, just in case. I did not have experience with the whole line of Bluedio headphones, but from numerous reviews it follows that the T6 is quite a special model in its sound signature (and I agree with that). T6 is closer than other Bluedio's to the classical idea of the correct sound. Though not without flaws.
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  4. cowboy14

    HI vin, Thanks a lot for your answer. I dont have any specific requirement... Just bluetooth and may be just good mids.... No need extra heavy bass.... Thats all
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  5. cowboy14

    Hi bro, thanks for your time and big reply..

    I can prove that all the mass discount (11.11) on aliexpress is total crap. They just increase price twice and put the original as sale price ..For example, I purchased 300+ products from there and i am plutinum member and because of this they give few products on 50% discount, but you know what? I opened incongnito mode and check same product price without login and price is 100% same.

    Samething happen on 11.11 (they will start increasing price from 15 days earlier). Offcourse there is exceptions and that depends on individual seller, i found only 1 graphics card last year that actually lower than original.

    As bluedio t6 not worth 50$.... Should i buy bt800 from edifier.. And i already have Bluetooth transmitter but i want one actual Bluetooth headphone this time... No special requirement just may be good mids... No need over bass.

    Thanks bro
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  6. nomad1
    I agree, AliExpress does this practice of increasing prices few days before the sale to make sales look more impressive. However, there are sometimes a few deals that make sales worth waiting for. In terms of Bluetooth headphones, during last couple of sales I found Edifier W830BT and Ausdom ANC8 for around $45 while Bluedio TM and T6 were also very attractively priced (around $20 and $33 respectively).
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  7. vinokurov
    The peculiarity of T6 are the mid-frequencies - the middle is not suppressed for the sake of a bloated bass. Ie, the bass here is just as expected from Bluedio and from 57 mm drivers, but the middle ones are not drowned. T6 is pretty detailed, but the T6 are not "bright" or "open" in sound, there is little air here and
    if you want to find faults, here you can find a small "claustrophobic" effect. However, even the Audeze LCD3 and Momentum 2.0 OverEar show somewhere a similar presentation.
    Since you mentioned Edifier, I would strongly advise you to listen it somewhere. I know very well the whole Edifier's active acoustics and in my opinion this is a very colored sound and not the most reliable medium frequencies - I'm afraid that the signature is stored in the headphones.
    Of course, my experience is limited, but when, like you, I was looking for "just good BT headphones" and bought very praised Mixcder HD401 - they are brighter and airier than T6, but I do not listen to them - in them the middle is like a barrel. T6 is much nicer to me. By the way, the T6 is not the lightest headphones, but as compact as possible (in the "around the ear" design).
    I would not take responsibility for your money, but the T6 is not a bad option for any music with a reliable design (although the lack of control buttons is inconvenient).
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  8. cowboy14
    Hi vin, i finally decide not to buy t6 and bought Ausdom M05 ATX which is more cheaper... Will buy another headphone if on 11.11 aliexpress really reduce the price ..... Thank u bro for reply
  9. cowboy14
    Lets see if they really reduce price then.... I will check those mentioned models... Thanks bro for your reply.
  10. Slater
    It depends on the seller. Some sellers don’t change the price at all. Others definitely do.

    And yes, prices fluctuate all of the time. This is no different than what amazon does!

    I sometimes watch individuals items for a year or more, checking on prices every few weeks and with multiple sellers. This allows me to understand what the “normal” price is on an item, and when it it’s on sale if it is truly a “deal” or not.

    I can honestly say there are definitely deals to be had.

    For example, let’s take the Tin Audio T2. It usually sells for around $48-$50. This is with multiple sellers. However, when it is on sale (anniversary sale, 11.11) it drops to about $30. And with select and seller coupons, you can usually get a few more dollars off. After watching the T2 prices for a year, I was able to get mine for $28. That’s almost half off the average price.

    However, there is another IEM I had been watching for 1 year. It was always about $22, usually only fluctuating $0.50-$1. The most I ever saw it drop in price was $2 (10%). Big whoop. Anyways, I went ahead and bought it when it was on sale, but what convinced me to pull the trigger was the seller offered a $1 off $19 coupon. So I got it for $19 instead of $22. Still cheaper than the average regular price, but certainly not some mind blowing deal.

    Also, some sellers are cheaper than others, even for the same item. And some sellers have seller coupons, where others don’t.

    So bottom line is that Aliexpress isn’t stable and predictable on every product and every seller. I don’t go on there on a whim thinking “today I’m going to buy a video card and I expect it to be 50% off”. It takes patience and planning, and careful analysis between sellers. And even then I still check the price of an item on other sites - Amazon, eBay, gearbest, tmall, deal extreme, Banggood, etc. Sometimes eBay has something cheaper. Other times it’s gearbest. And despite Amazon usually being more expensive, sometimes there’s flash sales, or coupons, or even a seller getting rid of something below cost. I recently picked up an IEM on Amazon for $16 because the seller was getting rid of old stock at below cost. The same IEM is on eBay and Aliexpress for $60 (and it’s never on sale).
    Last edited: Sep 12, 2018
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  11. vinokurov
    By the way about discounts - today on Ali you can buy T6 for $ 33
    You do not even have to wait until 11.11. Pardon, I was wrong in assessing optimism :slight_smile:
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  12. cowboy14
    Oh man what a mistake :D
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  13. BadReligionPunk
    Anybody receive the cables for the T6 yet? I paid the $5 back when we discussed it and never got comfirmation though I didn't really expect it. Any other cable news at all? Still weird that no cable except magical bludio cables work.
  14. Slater
    Are you referring to the deal where you pay Bluedio $5 via PayPal and they send you a cable?

    Or are you talking about something else?
  15. BadReligionPunk
    Yea exactly. The $5 paypal deal. Im just interested in shoving a Cayin C5, high gain, with the bass boost on into the T6 and seeing if it can handle some boom.
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