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Bluedio impressions thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by Slater, Jul 18, 2018.
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  1. techinblack
    Anyone has having some issue with bluedio headphones?
    bluethooth is not so great on my pair
  2. techinblack
    I don t know if my unit, if so i will ask amazon to refound me
  3. Slater
    I heard back from Bluedio support regarding the cable:

    Sorry, we didn't sell the audio cable separately, but we will sell it soon. Please pay attention to our store information, thank you for your understanding.

    So it looks like we just have to wait.
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  4. base08
    Ah damn with me they offered one for 5$... having to pay over PayPal... seems it was a temporary solution for the impatient ones like me, as I pressured them a lot over the lack of the AAC support.
  5. BadReligionPunk
    Yea I also got a paypal request for $5 to handle shipping. Such a weird company.
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  6. Roderick
    I finally received mine. After all this trouble I expected they had send me wrong color atleast, If not a wrong headphones.

    It was the t6 in the box. Right color too. I inspected the headphones and felt that earpads and the material on the hinges is not as nice as in pictures. It looks the same, but feels cheap.

    I gave the headphones to my wife to try out. If she'd find them comfortable I would keep them. She did not like them so I decided to sell these after a quick listen. So time to charge and listen.

    I had allready decided I would hate the muddy sound but I was in for a surprise. These sound really good! Bit bassy for sure but nothing over the top. Upper midrange is a bit weird. On a quick listen nothing special about highs, for good or bad. Quite nice soundstage.

    It is all based on a really short listen and my opinion might change after some proper listening. But so far these sound really good. I so was not expecting this. These also go crazy loud on my OnePlus 6. I listen loud and 70% is as high as I go. What a surprise. Maybe I got a fluke that sounds better than others :D

    Edit: The weird upper midrange I mentioned is kind of an echo in sound. It is present everywhere and when bass is about to bleed into mids it kind of blends into that echo which "stops" the bleed and keeps the mids clear.. Sounds weird and it is very difficult to describe. Maybe I just got a funky pair indeed because these are really not bassheavy...just a bit above neutral imo.
    Last edited: Aug 24, 2018
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  7. Slater
    This is how I felt about the T4S when I 1st got it. The pictures made it look awesome, like the hinges are solid aluminum. In person I was disappointed at the cheap look and feel - the metal is chrome plated (zinc I think).

    No matter if it’s headphones or IEMs, I really with companies would use actual product photos instead of computer renderings.
    Last edited: Aug 24, 2018
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  8. hifi80sman
    I hate the renderings. They never look like the final product, which is usually much cheaper looking and feeling in reality. Unless you're B&W, B&O, or M&D, it seems like renderings are the typical play.

    I actually have the Bluedio U2 (UFO) and I think they would photo well. They're also pretty decent sounding, although the ear pad opens could be a little bigger. I have very average sized ears, BTW.
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  9. Roderick
    I enjoyed the t6 for about an hour. When I started experementing with anc I could not get them to sound right again. Anc on they sound metallic, echoy and bass light. Anc off sound is cavernous with bloated bass. :D
  10. Slater
    You know, this is very interesting. I have been following a guy on YouTube who has made a few videos on the T6. He has reported a similar experience, except it was the opposite of yours.

    When he 1st got his T6, it sounded like crap. Poor sound, and low volume. He posted a follow up video a week later, and said that he had no idea what he did, but the volume issue was fixed, and they sounded significantly better than they did at 1st.

    So it appears that something, perhaps buggy firmware, causes differences in the sound from use to use. The T6 does have more advanced stuff in it than earlier models - DAC and amp circuitry and whatnot. Bluedio obviously doesn’t have all the kinks worked out. But until then, continue to play with them. I find it very interesting that they will all of the sudden start working and sound great.

    Here's the 2 videos. Be aware that the guy is just a regular Joe, not an audiophile guru. But his observations and experiences are still valid and useful nonetheless.

    Original video:

    Updated video:

    Something else interesting - in the comments of the 2nd video, @ELJEFEREVIEWS reported that Bluedio has supposedly fixed some of the problems with the T6. Supposedly the "2nd batch" of the T6 and future batches have updates and/or fixes. How to know which batch yours came from is beyond me. It is definitely frustrating, that's for sure.
    Last edited: Aug 24, 2018
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  11. vinokurov
    I was lucky enough to buy these headphones cheaply, so I did not really care about their sound quality. I once had a T2 and knew that the Bluedio is a lot of bass and a long battery and that was enough for me. But, I was very surprised when I found out that on the T6 it is quite comfortable to listen to even classical music. Of course, the bass there is still Okay and much more than necessary for me, but in these headphones intelligible middle frequencies without acid and distortion, therefore it is pleasant enough to listen to any voices and violins. High sounds are slightly muted, but the detail is good (as far as possible from the Bluetooth connection). Of course, both "Billboard Hot 100" or Sepultura also sound great and in my headphones there is no "low volume problem" (at least on Xiaomi Redmi Note 4, Galaxy Tab A and Sony A15 player). In addition, the headphones are comfortable - here completely covering the soft cushions and a reliable metal cup fastening. Passive sound insulation here at altitude. The headphones look good and do not look cumbersome.
    1). At first the sound of the headphones seemed to me too dim, but after > 50 hours of warm-up this word no longer comes to mind. True, this sound still not "bright", but I do not like headphones cutting out the brain with a ringing. With warm-up sound became smoother (simply better).
    2). Active noise cancellation is something like working on the street, but it does not save you from sound of the TV or loud talk nearby. I would not take this function seriously.
    3). In my headphones there is an annoying discordance between the left and right channels. Perhaps this is within the tolerances of Chinese production and I'm too picky but it's very annoying.
    4). Very inconvenient lack of volume control buttons on the headphones. You should know that there is only an on / off button and it is also responsible for answering a call (end of a call) or a play / pause. There is also a switch for noise reduction, but for me it's a decorative element.
    5). The only socket in the headphones is USB type C. For charging it does not matter what type there is, but for listening on the wire you will need an adapter that you have to buy separately.
    In the complete set only USB wire (type A-C) and a bag for storage. The bag is almost useless - the defensive function is questionable, the size is pretty much slim-fit, and the pocket inside prevents you put in. I'll have to buy a case for them.
    Nevertheless - despite the listed shortcomings, I really like this headphones, especially considering the cost. In comparison with the analogs that I had or have now: Sony-A1abt of course sound better, but they are much more expensive, the T2+ is simpler, coarser and overfull of bass. Honorable Mixcder HD401 has a clearer sound and more bass control, but this sound is seems from a barrel with tangible distortions in the "darkened" mid-range which is why I do not use it. But, I'm happy to listen to T6. These are not the best headphones, but they are very good (if you not bass-hater).
    photo5467644228990511625.jpg photo5467644228990511624.jpg photo5467644228990511623.jpg photo5467644228990511637.jpg
    Last edited: Aug 24, 2018
  12. maxxevv
    I have had about 20~30 hours on the T6 and another 50+ hours of burn-in on pink noise and frequency sweeps.

    The sound does evolve somewhat. A little smoother and less peaky, a little less "veiled" from initial listen, actually pretty pleasant to listen to for 1~2 hour sessions. It does indeed have a slightly elevated bass and treble as which I think its intended for its target audience. That's of course my subjective memory, may not be completely accurate.

    I have to agree with what vinokurov mentioned above. They are decent headphones for the price and pretty enjoyable on the move.

    With regards to the ANC, it works pretty decently in the right environment in my experience. On the bus with the constant humming, it actually works pretty good at cancelling out the engine and tyres humming. Not that great when it comes to pedestrian and other environmental noise.
  13. SuperLuigi
    I didnt realize the TMs had a equaizer setting or whatever you want to call that. So seems like one is low focused and sounds horrible, and one is high focused and sounds terrible, and the 3rd is sorta just V shaped but doesnt really do much on either the really highs or really lows, but it's easily the only choice. I couldnt imagine ever using the other settings.
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  14. base08
    For my taste the best EQ is the default one...

    Kinda balanced with still extra bass and highs a sort of U shape almost V. After that one you get the most awful one with muffled sound, killing a lot of the highs, only maybe for audiobooks. The last one is the typical ultra V shaped with unnatural sound and mids very much reduced...

    I'm happy with the first one even though the Mids could be more forward.
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  15. Slater
    I’d like to know what tone deaf numnuts was the person responsible for choosing the precious 3 EQ settings? I mean, your job is to choose 3 and only 3 settings for a new headphone. “Hmm, let’s see here I’ll just do a few totally random settings here with my eyes closed. Okee dokee, those all sound like total crap. Alrighty boss, I’m all done. It’s Miller time!
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