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blue yeti compared to something like a fiio E10?

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by alecmoody, Jan 1, 2012.
  1. alecmoody
    I have a pair of MS1s I'm running off a blue yeti.  I find the sound to be a little thin.  Am I going to hear much improvement going to an entry level dac/amp like the e10? Is the amp in the yeti really sufficient to power those cans?
  2. semmio
    That is an interesting thought! I actually own both. I'll give test them and let you know =D
    edit: Okay I don't have any high-grade headphones. But listening through the m50, the yeti sounds about the same w/ my laptop sound card (with dolby home theater v3 sound enhancer enabled). And the e10 has a little cleaner sound with better clarity. Volume wise, 100% on my laptop = 50% on yeti = 30% on E10.
    The improvement I heard isn't much so I'm guessing you can just stick w/ yeti for your MS1. Buttt I'm not a pro audiophile so maybe my ears are not sensitive enough =P

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