Blue MO-FI headphones and a DAC
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Jul 30, 2015
I was wondering what I would need to get for the Blue Mofi headphones since they already have a built in head phone amp?
How would this work? Would I just need to buy a DAC?
I've never purchased a DAC or an Amp before so don't know how that would work since these have an amp in
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You can plug them directly into your phone, computer, tablet, etc. just like they are.

Or you could get a DAC, which could improve the sound quality. Budget?
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I'm reading online that a DAC won't provide that much of a difference from like the one in the iPhone.
Is it even worth the $120 to get that one? Would I even hear a $120 difference from the iPhone?
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Right. Probably not a big difference with an iPhone. If you need a DAC for your computer, this is a great deal
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Is a DAC the same thing as a sound card or is the purpose of a DAC trying to increase quality of the sound and also be far away from the motherboard and internals of the computer so the computer itself doesn't cause noise?
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A sound card has a DAC in it. A sound card will often have some kind of headphone amp built in (not always) and some kind of digital signal processing.

A phone has a DAC. An mp3 player has a DAC. Everything that can play digital audio must have a DAC, which stands for digital audio converter.

Yes. An external DAC can help if the computer audio has noise caused by the computer. And the Modi is certainly as good a DAC (IMO) or better as what is in expensive sound cards.
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You don't have to use a USB DAC with your computer. It just may help the sound. And yes. You just hook the headphones up to the DAC.

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