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Blue Hawaii SE w/Alps volume control

Trader History (6)
  1. cat6man
    For Sale
    Ship to:
    • North America
    IMG_20190402_162551.jpg IMG_20190402_162716.jpg In perfect condition (9/10 since not brand new), the BHSE with the optional ALPS volume control is the ne plus ultra of commercial electrostatic amplifiers, a brilliant match for Stax and similar electrostatic headphones.

    I bought mine after hearing the 009 with BHSE at a head-fi local meet, expecting to hear only a small improvement over my Stax amplifier..........a few minutes listening and I had to get a BHSE. The difference is
    not subtle.

    Also included is a barely used (extra) set of PSVANE tubes. [I preferred the stock tubes with my R2R DAC, the PSVANE with chip based DACs, YMMV of course].

    LIst price: $6800 new
    Selling for: $5300 or best reasonable offer (with extra set of tubes)

    Buyer pays paypal, will split shipping or no cost pickup/delivery in NY/NJ/northeast area.
    Last edited: Apr 23, 2019
  2. cat6man
  3. cat6man
    price reduced
  4. dspigs0705
    PM Sent
  5. cat6man
  6. cat6man

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