Blue Ever Blue (BeB) 328RM Review
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Aug 10, 2011
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Aug 10, 2011
A while back I bought the BeB 328R off the advice of another Head-Fi member.  But there was a problem with the BeB 328R and it was not its fault.  It had no mic.
Luckily, BeB makes the 328RM which does have a mic and this is my review: 
The BeB 328RM:  "The Black, with a Mic".


Driver diameter 13.6mm
Frequency 25-20k hz
Sensitivity 108+/-2db
Impedance 16 ohms
Housing Material –plastic
Cord Length – 1.2 m
Cord Thickness 2.0 mm
In line smartphone mic – YES
Packaging is an unassuming plastic clear box.  Accessories are non-existent. 

Build quality is on par with others in its price range.  Plastic housing and metal filters.

Simple 3.5mm plug with enough strain relief to do the job.

The "M" in the 328RM.  The Microphone.  Which works like it should.

The Side Profile with Foam Covers Installed. 

The housing on the 328RM is distinctly BeB, no other earbud shares this design.  Unfortunately because of this, I find a good seal is hard to make due to the larger housings.  Though, when pressed hard to my ears with my fingers, it does not seem to change the sound signature at all.  So it is not that big of an issue.
Sound Signature is that one of clarity.  A focus on mids gives it a sound shape of a ∩.  Vocals come through loud and clear.  Soundstage is wonderful, a great feel of distance.  The lows are present, but slightly recessed.  The highs are rolled off a little early, which is great for extended listening. 
A great song to show off the 328RM:  Pink Floyd's - Paranoid Eyes.  Footsteps passing, vocals penetrating and the haunting separation of guitars all come through wonderfully.
Overall the BeB is a great earbud to add to your collection for clean crisp sound.
**BeB is also a great fan of Head-Fi.  Over the years many members have found if you contact BeB directly through, that you can get discounts off of their products.  I contacted them recently and found out that they will take $10 off of the 328R and $5 off of the 328RM shown in my review if you mention Head-Fi.**
Rock on my friends.  Rock on.


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