Blue Ella Planar
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New Head-Fier
Sep 1, 2019
New Zealand
So I am after my first decent pair of headphones. Seriously looking at Meze 99 Classics but I have been offered Blue Ellas slightly cheaper at a massive discount of usual price. Any thoughts guys? I listen to prog rock and prog metal. I want something that will really play the new tool album well.
Unfortunately I live well in the country and cant get to a shop to try.
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Have absolutely no idea on the Blues as have not heard them but do have the 99 Classics. The Blue has its own battery powered amp inside the headphone and by reviews seams to add a bit of weight. I don’t mind a heavier headphone but batteries do die but it can be used without the onboard amp . Not many headphones have a amp inside them that is battery powered and not Bluetooth. I love my planars but haven’t heard those and me I would pass as they have a $699 asking price so if someone is willing to get rid of them for over half the price of New then that might be a reason for that even though they could be really good I just don’t know.
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Blue Ella's are quite awesome, to be honest. Many benefits I think are not covered here on this forum. I made a video review of them after owning them for about a year. You can check it out here:

PM me if you have any questions about them, I highly recommend them.

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