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Blue Circle USB Thingee

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by ak622, Mar 21, 2007.
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  1. ak622 Contributor
    Well I stumbled upon this while looking at the Blue Circle website. This is a USB DAC or SPDIF connector. It is called the USB Thingee. Does anyone have one or have any thoughts on it? It can be a good solution for people with limited space or laptop or something.. Below is a link to more information...

  2. NotoriousBIG_PJ Contributor
    There are some comments on it in the Blue Circle forumns.

  3. Headdie
    Just want to wake up this thread, because I've seen rave reviews from UHF and Goodsound about this black pipe... But nothing about the headphone jack/amp... Anybody knows if it would fit well enough with Shure earphones and Denon D2000? I assume that it wouldn't be enough to power up higher impedence headphones...
  4. psc001
    Could we get some of the links to the reviews ???
  5. Headdie
  6. gyrodec
    I know its not the most important thing, or even in the top 3, but, wow, that has to be the ugliest product I have ever seen. You really have to try very hard to make something that hideous.
  7. psc001
    Has anybody here used or heard this thing? It sure looks ugly but the review says that it sounds better than Monica Dac, which is very good Dac. I wonder if it's worth the price of admission...
  8. Headdie
    Here's an answer from Gilbert Yeung, designer of the Thingee.

    Q. How good is the Thingee as an headphone amplifier? Would it be enough to drive a Denon D2000 at 25 ohms?

    A. I have use anything headphone from AKG K240 55ohm, K701 55ohm, to Staton DJ2000 65 ohm, Senn 650 300ohm to some ear plugs type headphone that are about 20 ohms with not issue at all. In fact, those ear plug headphone or some of the higher output headphone can be driven to very loud level. The headphone amp sounded as good as the line level output because they actually share the same circuit. I think your D2000 headphone should work well with the USB Thingee.
  9. 22906
    Wow, competes with anything under $2000? Does anyone have one of these can please comment?
  10. jilgiljongiljing

    that has to be the ugliest product I have ever seen. You really have to try very hard to make something that hideous.


    But hey if it sounds as good as the reviews say, maybe I should get one and check it out.
  11. agile_one Contributor
    I have one, and love it. Have used to drive headphones directly (SR 60 and HD 650), and have sent coax digital to dac. It's the best moderately priced usb audio I've experienced. Absolutely zero clicks, pops, dropouts or artifacts of any kind. I use with foobar 2k and flac source files.

    Highly recommended.

    btw, I love the looks - it's actually even fuglier in person.

    Some may have seen mine at CanJam '08.
  12. jilgiljongiljing
    Where did you buy it?
  13. warpdriver Contributor
    So if you have one of these things connected to power amp or headphones, how do you control the volume? Through software?
  14. 22906
    Man, a new toy to buy[​IMG]
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