Blown Fiio FH7's SMH !!!
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Jan 20, 2021
Hey Head-Fi community, has anyone experienced this with FH7's. Should I look else where for IEM's. I paired them with the Fiio BTR5, I noticed several months ago a slight popping sound in some songs. It would go away and did not always happen; I was using the bass boost nozzle and switched back to the reference nozzle and it went away completely. Then all of a sudden both monitors started distorting and popping non stop certain they are completely blown!!

I listen to all types of music from classical, blues, rock, and even rap. They sounded amazing when they worked, but seemed to struggle with rock music the most meaning I always had to turn them down.

Any feedback or experience would be appreciated, I doubt I will get any help from Fiio. I emailed them and they would as me kinda cryptic questions and said that the BTR5 would not harm them, and just my luck I just hit a year mark of owning these very disappointed.

I have been looking at Empire Bravado MKII's. thoughts???

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