Blossom Balanced Headphone Amp!!
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Oct 1, 2007
Introducing the new Blossom balanced amp from Japan!!

This is a gorgeous compact balanced headphone that delivers great sound from such a great size amp. If you are looking for performance, style and size, than this is a perfect solution!!

Manufacture details:

2 x single ended normal headphone outputs)
Cross Feedback Balanced Circuit (2 output circuits for each output channel).
Realistic True Tone Preamp design which use ultra low noise / high speed IC.
Point to point wiring pattern for circuit board design to avoid common impedance.
To keep signal path as short as possible, relays are used for all signal switching
High quality metal film resistors are used
No electrolytic capacitors in the signal path
Balance Stereo inputs (XLR,TRS Combo) and Unbalance RCA input (selectable)
Hi(+10dB) /Lo(0dB) Gain mode
Master Volume Control function (variable level line outputs)
Headphone output mute function
Housed in natural walnut wooden box
Hairline finished stainless steel panel
Same walnut volume knob and feet

1, Headphone Outputs
1/4" stereo plug / XLR combo type

2, Outputs Selector Switch
Headphone or Line output

3, Gain Selector Switch
Lo (0dB) or Hi (+10dB) gain

4, Input Selector Switch
Select Balanced XLR("1/4) Combo or Unbalanced RC

5, Volume
We recommend use volume control 9 o'clock position or more.
(for accurate L/R balance within 0.3dB)

6, Balance Input Connectors
1/4" stereo plug / XLR combo type

7, Unbalance Input Connectors
RCA unbalanced inputs

8, Line Outputs
Volume controlled RCA unbalanced outputs.

9, Power Switch
Headphone output is muted 2 seconds when power turn on.
Line outputs are not muted.

10, DC input
24V power adapter included.
BLO-0299 balanced signal output circuit, unaffected, accurate full signal.

* Cross Feedback Balanced Circuit


Frequency Response  
@0dBu OUT +/- 0.5dB , 50Ω Load
0.1 Hz ~ 80 kHz

Phase Deviation
@0dBu OUT 50Ω Load , 20Hz~20kHz  

@+15dBu OUT , 1kHz , 50Ω Load <0.001 % 
@+10dBu OUT , 20Hz~20kHz , 50Ω Load  <0.005 %

@+10dBu OUT , 1kH  <0.001 %

Maximum Output Level @1kHz , 50Ω Load +15 dBu 

Balanced Input: @1kHz 20 kΩ
Unbalanced Input: @1kHz10 kΩ

Dynamic Range: >114 dB

Power Supply DC 24V mA

Size 64 x 158 x 212 mm

Introductory Price of [size=x-large][size=large]$1449[/size][/size]

Further details, please email me at



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