Blood donations
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Not dumb enough fora custom he thought.
Jun 30, 2001
Another useless poll! But I am actually curious as to how many people on this forum donate blood.

To those who have, isn't it a bit disconcerting to see a little bag 'o you sitting right beside you? Or am I just the only one who gets that feeling
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I donate blood all the time just to get the free cookies and juice.
Actually I don't think I am old enough to give blood.
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You know, on a related subject, I remember a radio show host discussing the lost income from all the times masturbating instead of donating to a sperm bank. Really, when these places pay usually $40-100 a pop ... that could be a lot of audio gear, huh.

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eh... im scared of needles. I wont forget the last time I went to get blood either. This doc claimed that his "new technology" wouldnt hurt a bit, when it hurt even more than if I was jabbed with a traditional needle! And whats worse was that when he was done and I asked him for my platelets (for a dental operation), he got all confused. And later guess what I find out? He heard my dentist wrong and put it in the wrong solution and he didnt have the right one, so I got poked for nothing
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when i was in high school and old enough, i used to give blood everytime they would come to my school (about every four months or so). however, after that point i just hadn't seen any place to do it and then i started getting tattoos. i will NOT lie to the people (unlike many of my friends who think it's okay to) about the fact that i've gotten a tattoo/piercing in the last year. so, no blood donating for me.. do they really need more o positive anyway?
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I even have a card from the blood bank that they scan each visit to keep track of how many pints I have given.
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TBH I've never got round to it, but being disabled I'm not sure what the situation is.
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Three things.

1) I first gave blood about 1969, an Air Force medic took it. Really screwed up my arm for a week. Bad. I swore I would never give blood again.

2) I "give" blood regularly now, because I sometimes HAVE to.
I have a blood disease (not contagious) called polycythemia. Basically, too many red blood cells, so I have to give blood to get rid of them. Yech. It comes and goes.

3) Giving blood is good for you and the community. For the community, because people need blood (and medical institutions charge you big time for blood, so they make money). You never know when YOU may need blood. So give it! Also, I have "read" that it helps men live longer. One reason men die sooner than women is that they don't "lose blood monthly" like women do, and that is better for the body. Higher red blood cell counts are NOT good for you. Just stuff I have heard.

You don't have to give blood a lot. Once a year or so could help save someones life.
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Want to hear something funny?I am a complete needle sissy.I have stuck thousands of people over the years with an IV spike,yet I am horified of needles.Yep,Firefighter, EX MARINE,Needle *****, that's me.I would probably break your neck before I allowed you to stick me with a needle.I've been seriously injured three times and each time I was unconsious when the IV was started,I know I couldn't have dealt with it if I was awake.Lots of soldiers hate needles and this has always been a big problem.My doctor even admits to being a complete baby when it comes to taking a shot.
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I would, but we have this rule over here...any tattoos in the last year, no giving blood. They are afraid of hepatitis.

Ironically, though, they allow those with gun-pierced ears to give blood, which is statistically far more likely to give you hep.
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After it's been uncovered that the American Red Cross has been throwing away donated blood because of inefficiency and has not been giving donated money to the intended victims, I don't really want anything to do with the Red Cross...
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I take coumadin daily which basically makes my blood worthless to anyone else. (It's an anticoagulant. I get blood clots. In my lungs. For no damn reason. Shaving is an adventure.)
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I give blood whenever a blood drive or something of the like comes to town (which is a couple times a year). I am O pos, which is evidently pretty useful (or maybe I am getting confused). Anyway, I am the opposite of tuberoller...I actively enjoy watching them take blood from me. It is like a science experiment the way the blood zips up the tube into the bag. Cool! Mind you, I don't have any particular enjoyment from other masochistic activities. I don't like shots and I don't mutilate myself, but for some reason I like watching while blood is taken. Yeah, so that is my take.
I have had bad experiences though.
I have easy to find veins, but one volunteer stuck me and could not get blood flow. He rooted around for twenty minutes (I swear) before a doctor came over and saw that the needle was clogged. He got another and proceeded to take from the other arm with one stick. Stupid amateurs...

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