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Blon in ear monitors impressions thread

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  1. mbwilson111
    Yes, thisis the one I do not worry about.

    Ok, now you have confused me on this one. What you are calling out of polarity is what I call out of phase...as do other I think. Also when the sound waves are canceling each other out there is still sound... the horrible sound that people complain about when they get an iem that is out of phase (or they have attached the cable wrong). Many people just assume the iem is not good.

    Not sure what the time shift thing is that you are talking about but I don't think we should get into too much detail or we will be banished to the sound science forum:)
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  2. njam
    LOL, OK ^_^
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  3. Kressel
    In terms of SQ and fit, the RHA silicone tips are great with the Blon Bl-03. If you have it give it a try! The large ones are OK for me.
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  4. jithu215
    Oh man i ordered tin t4 yesterday. I should have waited for kbear.how is t4 compared to kbear diamond.just curious
  5. Tonymac136
    Driver lottery puts me off buying any KBear anything I think. Diamond will have to be a proper corker to get my dollar.
  6. redrol
    damn, people talking about wrong polarity being ok... What?!!!!!!! Dynamic drivers need to be run with the correct polarity for correct frequency response.
  7. kingcro
    I also do love reversed phase.
  8. redrol
    love reversed phase? what type of insanity is this
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  9. kingcro
    I simply love when everything sounds onesided and when bass (FINALLY, WHY DO SONGS HAVE MONO BASS?) feels stereo.

    I also do love when my jack is broken so it sounds "cavey"... Great soundstage depth, but I think it is a bit too big (vocals sound like they are 1 km from you in a cave).

    Guys who buy Hi-Fi speakers: get double subwoofer, not just one.
    Last edited: Nov 15, 2019
  10. cn11

    Man this thread chugs along quick!! Going back a fair bit (already) to say thanks for the guide and photos you posted! Very big help. I'll give this a go over the weekend and see how I like the Tripowin cable.
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  11. rogthefrog
    If you search for "iem cable" you'll find that many, if not most, have a .78mm option in the "colors" selector.
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  12. alex5908
    Hello everybody,
    Is there a way to increase the bass in BL03? Like blocking the ventilation holes or something?
  13. kingcro
    Use MH755 big tips. They can make the bass bigger. These rumble more than FR201 IMHO
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  14. redrol
    Hit em with like 5db at 55hz. Works nice.
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  15. rogthefrog
    Nice of you to gift your eartips to another dude's girlfriend!
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