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Blind test: 6 DACs compared

Discussion in 'Sound Science' started by skamp, Jan 28, 2013.
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  1. scuttle
    I think it's going into the file marked: "This sounds like bollocks to me. If you can propose an experiment to show that you are correct then I'll listen. Otherwise - don't call us, we'll call you."  Short of the guy providing that experiment you've already answered well enough.
  2. stv014
    I simply pointed it out that the samples do not have 24-bit resolution, responding to this post, without making any claims regarding audibility.
  3. nick_charles Contributor
    You make that anti-jitter thingy don't you ?
    Out of interest have you done any controlled blind listening tests on the effect of your anti-jitter thingy. I ask as jitter in most competent is already at extremely low levels and to date there has been no serious evidence to suggest that jitter in pretty much any half-decent (excluding the McIntosh music server and Zanden DAC) digital component reaches audibility. Of course anecdotes abound  but good empirical evidence for jitter audibility in day to day experience seems absent...I've been researching this for many years and neither manufacturers nor serious audio bodies such as AES, BBC, NHK and so on have found jitter to be any kind of problem but perhaps you have done some testing, if so it would be really interesting to hear about it !
  4. scuttle
    This is a guy who believes that if you put spruce speaker cabinets in your room then the acoustics of the whole room improves. Always. 
    That's telling the laws of physics!
  5. goodvibes
    Room acoustics always change with speakers in them. It's measurable.
  6. scuttle
    Of course they do. But whether they will change for better or worse depends on factors like the room dimensions and the size of the speakers and where  you bloody put the things! There's no such thing as an object that will improve the acoustics of any room regardless of where you put  it.
  7. thelostMIDrange
    so when does the answer key show up? they sure sounded pretty much the same to me except for D which sounds a bit more lifelike/pleasant
  8. miceblue
  9. stv014
    Not a bad guess to choose D as the best. [​IMG]
     Now you can also try these and these, but use an ABX comparator since the solution is already revealed.
  10. thelostMIDrange
    stv, are you in on the facts. I'm in need of a dac and would be interested in a PM as to which one D is ! I swear on my first dog 'muffin' s grave to keep it to myself. A month is a long time.....thanks !
  11. mikeaj
    One of the seven option is the original.  Everything else was subjected to a D/A, A/D, and minor processing for volume normalization, if I understand things correctly.  If one option were to be the best, it should probably be the original.
    Did you try any blinded comparison yet?
  12. thelostMIDrange
    so maybe the 'dac' I liked was not even a dac. dammit, how can i buy a nonexistent product!
  13. miceblue

    I did an ABX test in Foobar between C and G and I could hear a difference. To me C sounds more natural-sounding but maybe that's a bad thing.

    If time permits, I'll try C versus D in addition to C versus A.
  14. nick_charles Contributor
    How many correct out of how many trials ?
    EDIT 13/16 - sorry I missed that earlier - 13/16 p = 0.011 (we reject the null hypothesis)
  15. miceblue

    I'm not sure how this post will turn out since I'm on a mobile device at the moment but it was from the previous page:

    foo_abx 1.3.4 report
    foobar2000 v1.1.18
    2013/02/04 01:44:35

    File A: C:\Users\Michael\Desktop\C.flac
    File B: C:\Users\Michael\Desktop\G.flac

    01:44:35 : Test started.
    01:47:23 : 00/01 100.0%
    01:47:33 : 01/02 75.0%
    01:47:40 : 02/03 50.0%
    01:48:11 : 03/04 31.3%
    01:48:27 : 04/05 18.8%
    01:49:05 : 05/06 10.9%
    01:49:19 : 05/07 22.7%
    01:49:56 : 05/08 36.3%
    01:50:24 : 06/09 25.4%
    01:50:46 : 07/10 17.2%
    01:51:03 : 08/11 11.3%
    01:51:11 : 09/12 7.3%
    01:51:39 : 10/13 4.6%
    01:51:54 : 11/14 2.9%
    01:52:11 : 12/15 1.8%
    01:52:40 : 13/16 1.1%
    01:52:47 : Test finished.

    Total: 13/16 (1.1%)
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