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  1. ljokerl Contributor
    Sold a set of IEMs to blackzarg. Great transaction - he was a pleasure to deal with, paid quickly, and waited patiently. Every transaction on head-fi should proceed so efficiently. Highly recommended. Thanks!
  2. goober-george
    Sold Jon, a pair of Sony MDR-V6's, he paid quickly, and was very easy to deal with. Thanks!
  3. homeros8000
    Sold Jon my AKG K702 upgrade cables. The transaction was smooth and fast, I highly recommend doing business with him again. Thanks Jon and enjoy your K702!
  4. FlyingInABlueDream
    Jon sold me a pair of Ultrasone, and it was as easy a transaction as you could hope for.
    Great communication, and I got them faster than expected on my birthday (2 days from west to east coast)! It was the best gift I got all day. Many thanks!
  5. harvinstein
    Sold Jon my K240's.  Very nice guy to deal with.
  6. | Scorpio |
    Jon bought my Zero DAC. He payed very quickly and had excellent communication. The transaction went flawlessly, and I would highly recommend him to any other Head-Fiers!
    Thanks Jon!
  7. BobSaysHi
    Sold him a pair of hd555's. A very quick and easy transaction. Would gladly do business again [​IMG]
  8. jondeckert
    Bought a pair Audio-technica M50's from Jon. He was quick to answer all the questions I had about them, offered them for a good price and he shipped them quickly. Loving the headphones and would definitely would recommend Jon as a nice and trustworthy seller.
  9. glac1er
    Bought a pair of earphones and a DAP from Jonathan.
    Shipping was fast and carefully packaged from the States to Jakarta. Conditions of both items are immaculate as described.
    I couldn't have asked for a better transaction [​IMG].
    A very trustworthy seller!

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