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Black & Mild FREE wood earbuds... BEST EVER!

  1. kakrohn
    OK... so I'm serious.  A few months ago Black & Mild Cigars sent out free wood earbuds.  I thought they'd sound like poo... WRONG!  Best sounding earbuds I can find (yes, I'm sure there are tons are of awesome & expensive ones out there that will blow them away).  Long story short... my Chihuahua ate them yesterday!  I can't find any for sale on eBay or Google and Black & Mild won't tell me who manufactured them nor will they sell/send me more.  I need help finding who makes them or where I can get some?  Thanks!
  2. bwshillington
    They look a little V-MODA-esque.
  3. Bananas Ananas
    That cigar company got you addicted. [​IMG] Joking aside, I have no idea where to get what you're looking for – I just subscribed to thread in order to observe the hunt of lost cigar headphones. 
  4. JudyPattooty
    I own these and LOVE them! They are made by a chinese manufacturer, hui zhou golden fortune manufacturing, and are sold on Alibaba.com in bulk usually. here http://goldenfortune.en.alibaba.com/product/60235720356-801442725/high_quality_wooden_earbuds_headphone_for_MP3_mobile_handfree_earphone.html

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