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Black Friday Deals 2017

  1. prasri92
    Hello folks,
    After considering a budget of $500, and reading numerous reviews, I am in for a good deal on Meze 99 classics(preferably walnut gold). I am new to the audiophile range of products (my current cans are a Bose QC25), but I deemed the headphone fit considering music reviews, noise isolation capabilities and bang for buck.

    I am looking for a good Black Friday deal on the product, also a good deal on a second hand pair in excellent condition (like new). Turns out I am also new to Black Friday shopping.

    Pointers to alternative cans that compete in bang for buck and pointers on how to snatch a good headphone black Friday deal (where to look and how to go about it) will be really helpful. Replies on offers will also be helpful, PM me!

    Warm Regards,
  2. Jozurr
    Following the thread for more BF 2017 deals.
  3. Ders Olmaz
  4. ribosradagast
    also subbing for dealz
  5. OldDude04
    HERE is a thread on site where people post deals good deals.

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