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BLACK FRIDAY comes early! ALO and Campfire Audio Deals

Discussion in 'Sponsor Announcements and Deals' started by kb, Nov 22, 2016.
  1. KB Contributor

    Black Friday / Cyber Monday sales are coming early this year!

    Dont miss out on our Campfire Audio FACTORY DIRECT "B" stock sale! ​
    We have accumulated a limited supply of minor cosmetic blemished CFA IEMs,​
    Andromeda, Jupiter, Nova and Orion.
    now available to the public at great savings. Our CFA B stock IEMs are sonically 100% ​
    but have a minor cosmetic blemish to the shell. Most blems are very hard to detect but sound ​
    no different from our normal retail IEMs. Dont miss out on our factory direct B stock sale. ​
    ALSO we have a number of additional sales and auctions going on at the links below.​
    Thank you​
    ALO - CFA​
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  2. Gowin
    Ken, will there be other BF discounts available for earphones? I missed out on the B stock Andromeda yesterday. I am planning to get the Vega but would have also got the Andromeda for that price if my timing was better.
  3. KB Contributor
    Hey Mark,
    We will probably do a re refresh on Friday - Monday please check often.
    ALO Audio Stay updated on ALO Audio at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
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  4. Gowin
    Thank you for the reply Ken. I will keep checking over the holiday weekend. I will by buying the Vega regardless - discount or not. It is just a matter if there is some other deal to tempt me this weekend.
  5. esm87
    What is warehouse deals? I been on ALO website and amazon, can someone link me to the actual website for these sales?
  6. KB Contributor
    HI ESM87,
    Just click on the first banner to go to the ALOdeals IEM page and the 2nd banner to go to the main ALOdeals page, (same as warehouse deals)
    ALO Audio Stay updated on ALO Audio at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
  7. BartSimpson1976
    hm...would it be a suitable idea to get the Jupiter B-Stocks and have them reshelled to customs?
  8. Ray3rd
    Ordered the Jupiter B Stock. I can't tell you how excited I am to have such an awesome IEM in my ears. 
  9. cyrilyoung4ever
    hello Ken, will there still be deal for andromeda? thanks!
  10. Hifi01170
    Andromeda deal please!!!
  11. deafdoorknob
    i think the andro deals are gone... hopefully mine will arrive middle of next week !
  12. Hifi01170
    haha have been checking "often" as advised by Ken but nothing new on the deals page... :'(
    no andromedas...........
  13. Gowin
    I have been checking the ALO deals site frequently also with no luck. A "B" stock Vega would be the ultimate find for me. Not holding my breathe for that - just dreaming.
  14. gortman
    What is the difference between the B-stock Orion and the Orion(v1) listed on the sale page of your website?
  15. Tadeas
    Orion B-Stock, Nova B-Stock or Noble X, that's the question. What would you recommend? I have Etymotic HF5 currently, love the detail and especially the isolation, but it could be a bit more like full-bodied and the comfort is pretty bad. Thanks :) .

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