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Black Friday 2019: Our deepest discounts of the year

  1. BrandtRanj

    Head-Fi members,

    The Status Audio team has decided to go all-out for Black Friday this year: we’re offering a 40% discount on our website and on Amazon — no promo code required. These deals are live, and will be available until Tuesday, December 5.

    International shipping is available to Canada, Britain, and any country in the EU. Shipping rates, VAT, and delivery times vary by country, but you’ll receive information about all three at checkout. Our headphones are also available on Amazon UK.

    For more information about our headphones, you can read Head-Fi reviews of our CB-1, IEM-2X, and BT Transfer. You can post additional questions below, or send a PM to BrandtRanj.

    We’ve never offered such steep discounts before, but we want to allow even more Head-Fi members to check out our headphones. As always, we welcome your feedback once you’ve tried them.

    You can find direct links to all of our deals below!

    • BT One: $59 (originally $99) [$40 off] — (Status | Amazon)

    • BT Structure: $47 (originally $79) [$32 off] — (Status | Amazon)

    • BT Transfer: $41 (originally $69) [$27 off] — (Status | Amazon)

    • CB-1: $47 (originally $79) [$32 off] — (Status | Amazon)

    • IEM-2X: $29 (originally $49) [$19 off] — (Status | Amazon)
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  2. Tex Irie
    The Status BT Structure's are the best workout earphones I've ever had the pleasure of using.
  3. gazzington
    Love bt one headphones
  4. BrandtRanj
    We’ve extended the sale on our site and Amazon until Wednesday, December 4 at 11:59 pm EST!
    Last edited: Dec 4, 2019

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