Bizarre Onset of Static in my Headphones
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Dec 2, 2019
Portland, Oregon
I'm facing a real static issue. Ever since around 6 pm tonight, I've had recurrent static in all of my headphones (Hifiman He 4xx, Focal Elex) whenever I turned them to a moderate level of volume. It doesn't matter whether they're plugged straight into a computer (MacBook or Lenovo), paired with my amp (Schiit Magni 3), or paired with my dac (Modi 2). It also doesn't matter whether I play the source through YouTube or Tidal. Any idea what might be causing this? I first thought it was a problem with my Focal Elex's clipping, but then I realized it was also happening in my Hifiman He4xx's.
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Do you get the same effect from speakers? Tried listening with the computer running on battery and sitting on a different surface? Tried unplugging everything but the headphones from your computers? Tried listening from your phone? Listening to locally stored music? Could be some type of ground or power issue (or maybe some extremely strong RF interference?). Could also be some type of common software or settings on the seperate computers? Have a habit of turning amp off and on with cans plugged in? (protection relay might have failed?) Tried interrogating your enemies about possible sabotage? When your enemies are forced to speak does it also sound like static?
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