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Bithead With iPad2?

Discussion in 'HeadRoom Premier Sponsor Forum' started by lextek, Sep 16, 2011.
  1. lextek Contributor
    Wondering if the Bithead should work with the iPad2 with the camera kit?
  2. schalliol
    It seems probable because the Cables To Go 22327 USB to optical converter does work and uses "USB Audio," which I'm pretty sure is the standard that the BitHead uses.  No guarantees though!
  3. JorgeC Contributor
    Hi Guys,
    Although no one around these parts actually has an iPad 2  -- HeadRoom just owns a lowly iPad  [​IMG]  -- i do know that several customers have used their iPad 2 tablets at our various Headphone.com audio events w/ our HeadRoom DACs w/o any issue!
    Hope that helps!
    HeadRoom Sales & Operations Manager
  4. drewfus420
    I have both an iPad2 and a Total Bithead and the camera kit and so far I can not get them to work together. Maybe I am doing something wrong (can't imagine what)?
  5. lextek Contributor
    I didn't have any luck getting them to work. I kept getting the message that the device used to much power or something like that.
  6. drewfus420
  7. JorgeC Contributor
    .... hmmm, i will look into this topic right away, folks, and i will have a reply asap..... Stay tuned! [​IMG]
    HeadRoom Sales & Operations Manager
  8. lextek Contributor
    Someone had suggested using a powered USB hub. That kind of defeats the portable amp idea.
  9. BenThiede
    The iPad one and iPad two will most likely display this message "The attached accessory uses too much power." You will need to pause the music, and turn the Bithead on before you plug it into the USB connection. Then it will not be asking the iPad for power. Once you have plugged it in you can push "PLAY." The music will likely play for a few seconds out of the iPad's internal speaker, but it should switch fairly quickly to the Bithead. 
  10. lextek Contributor


    I guess I'll give it another shot.  Returned the Camera kit.  Off to the Apple store.  That is always dangerous............
    Thanks for the help
  11. lextek Contributor
    Happy to say the Total Bithead is working great with the iPad2.  listening to music streamed/Home Sharing from the Mac downstairs.  The Bithead sounds great with the HD600/Cardas.  Thanks for the help.
  12. JorgeC Contributor


    AWESOME!  Thanks for the good news, LexTek, and enjoy!  [​IMG]
    HeadRoom VP

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