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Bitcoin/Crypto Currency Thread

  1. donkeywalker
    Do you hold any crypto/bitcoin? Lost so much value recently and when I converted that to audio gears my wallet is bleeding..
  2. wink
    you don't gain or lose until you sell......
  3. kiler
    This is a good thread to get going. Trying not to get some Ripple, but it is gaining like crazy. It just sucks that it goes against everything crypto stands for lol
  4. wink
    So, what did you expect....?
  5. rayshow
    IMO Bitcoin is the future. I totally agree with that . Day by Day Bitcoin market getting huge. At the present time bitcoin is the most trusted crypto currency. I follow some Crypto Telegram to get the latest updates. Bitcoin now seems promising
    Last edited: Sep 19, 2019
  6. BBGirl
    Stock up on Tron, before its toooo late!

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