Biocellulose and Its Use In Headphones-Earphones (referring the recent iem example: Vsonic GR-07 (R07)

Discussion in 'Sound Science' started by baycode, Aug 25, 2011.
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  1. spurxiii
    Really late post but I must have a real like for bio cellulose drivers. Unknowingly I have bought and love the sound of the phones that have them in my GR07BE, Fostex TH600 and creative aurvana live 2.

    I just love the way these drivers sound. It makes the music so alive. I wonder what is it in these drivers that make it so. They sound especially good for EDM
  2. daydesiang
    Was looking for Sony E888 info and found this good and informative post.

    answer many of my question and now i must find my E888!
  3. rackinov
    Just found this thread, looking at the dates not sure if I'll get a reply but... It says it's a biodegradable material and it's a very thin piece of equipment, how do they ensure its longevity. I mean it's in an ear for a lot of its life and is that a good place for something similar to wood in build?
    Also do they make larger diaphragms for full size speakers? Really interested to hear what they'd be like
  4. redkingjoe
    It’s very old now but My Sony mdr e888 is still running strong.

    The sound is still very good comparing to lot of new earbuds.
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