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Binaural Music? A track!

Discussion in 'Music' started by naivesound, Jan 17, 2016.
  1. NaiveSound
    Looking for just 1, any one, track that is in high quality, flac preferred, binaural music. Any genre (hopefully electronic) I have a dx80 to Mojo to se846 just want something very impressive
  2. NA Blur
    You should be able to track those down easily enough, but here are a few stereo tracks to check out with your system.
    1.)  Karsh Kale's Longing from the Realize album ( grab it from something other than YouTube of course )
    2.) Bluetech's Enter and Lovely from their Sines and Singularities album ( Warning this track will make you enjoy music )
    As for binaural check out Dub Sessions 1 by Nadja Lind

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