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Aug 18, 2010
I've been gone a couple days...but this thread has grown so much since i last saw it.
anyways, i feel somewhat lucky i guess, because i got something back from bill.
i don't know if its even the same headphones that i sent him but, i have a pair of headphones.
i'm done doing business with bill, and i think almost everyone else is too.
it's really weird that he came back for a day and replied to a few people.
well i haven't gotten a PM back from him either, about he wood cups.
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Jan 2, 2003
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Im going home tomorrow and my cups are there, hope is one of the few successful stories.

You and me, both.  Good luck to you! 

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Dec 26, 2010
Haha, it was meant to be a joke, letting you know I was busy typing the aftermath. I'm realizing now it was a cruel joke. (I was giddy at the time) That one's on me. Apologies - Now, to the meat and potatoes.
I just had a pleasant conversation with John Grado, erm, Bilavideo. He was very gracious and relieved to talk to somebody from the community. He is not a a thief or conman and now he has the time to clear his name. (To me, he certainly is not) He just got back from the July 4 weekend with his family at the beach. He and his family needed something relieving from his back trauma. So that's where he's been gone the last three days. Back from mars and off his pain meds, he is ready to address the issue, and shell some orders. ^_^
The stats at hand:
~About 1/4 of the order list's shells are already completed, made, and ready for delivery.
~Bill can and will output about 3-7 or 8 pairs a day, depending on what pops up. He will be giving this his all. He wants to put out the fires.
~Bill, while we did not discuss this I think you should ship everything 3-5 day standard or faster so that people can start speaking up that you're rapidly tackling this relatively large workload.
~Again, many of the headphones and cups are currently ready to ship out. Quality is garenteed.
~Cable holes-_~
The reason oak shells were holed that way was Bill didn't know if you were using the garden hose cable, or another cable. Hole too big = pissy follower. However, If the hole is small, the shell might crack as you desperately jam your larger cable through the small hole. Hint: use a power drill.
Bill will drill the gimbal holes into the finished product for you. The size hole Bill drills/and/or recables will be as large as whatever cable the headphone comes with - stock, you can easily make your hole adjustments from there with your power drill or even a screwdriver. his would resolve any complaints with cable holes being too big.
p.s. From Hennyo -Please post your tracking number and the picture of your finished product Bill's sending to let the others know your stuffs are in the mail and that Bill is getting to theirs within 4-6 days, by which time he will be caught up. 
Bill will be shipping at least 3 (three) sets of cups a day, so keep an eye out for your tracking number. He will also be taking pictures of your products. He is working on it as we speak. (Assuming it's not just dynamat or something not worth
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Jan 7, 2011
He claimed to give me an update before this weekend, where's his excuse for not doing that?

This may be true, mine may be one of the 1/4 done, they may be in great condition too, but I'm done with this regardless. I still just want a refund and I'm not getting back into this with him only to risk more of the same disappointment.

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