Biggest mistake
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Originally Posted by eduj /img/forum/go_quote.gif
What was your biggest mistake in this hobby?To me that i sold my CD3000 for pretty cheap

I had a terrible mistake with my CD3000 too!

They were too fine, too easy to joy
and I believed there were many others in their level or a new model from Sony could replace them easily
(ssstuuuupid a lot, I know, I know). When they passed away (because age and use and abuse, of course) my quest began (and my nightmare and headaches)
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Originally Posted by xenochimera /img/forum/go_quote.gif
visiting this site.

On a funny sense, yes, I agree.

But in a serious sense, no. You helped me a lot to choose new cans for my sister's iPod (Senn PX100), for my current cans (Senn 595), until I can reach to save enough money to obtain a new closed flagship
, and for keeping me informed with news like A950LTD that I already have purchased. So, in my case, this site is not a "black-hole" for our wallet, at all. If somebody have incontinence or a "collectible" problem, this person will have the same one with other sites as well. Enough, please, enough with this kind of commentaries because it sounds like all of us are irresponsible people. I think to share our opinions and to make questions before we spend our money speak better about ourselves.
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Desoldering the leads of my SR-225 and using desoldering wick instead of solder sucker. Excessive heat -> coil wire and diaphragm meltdown

And this happened the very same day I found out what was the point of owning set of Grados (answer: using LD2+ or other similar synergetic amp). My SR-225's were sitting in my closet for 4 years, then blossomed for 4 hours, and then they were gone.

Anyone here wants to sell me a driver for SR-225?
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Selling my Grado SR125s and Sony MDR-7506s and using the money to buy the D66 Eggos.
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Paying $75 for STEPS parts. A great experience, but really didn't effect the sound. I guess I believed the whole power conditioner thing but it didn't make a large enough change in the sound signature.
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I decided to order a Woo Audio stand for my newly bought Senns, and somehow entered my home address instead of my campus address. Today my mother called and laughed at me saying that my father assembled the stand and it's sitting there waiting for me to come home for spring break
The thing is that I didn't tell my parents anything about it; they were uncertain what it was until they assembled it and started thinking what that weird-looking thing could be used for
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MDR EX51... probably the worst headphone for the $$$ I have ever heard.

Selling my koss UR40 for $12... OUCH!!

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