Big Analog Synthpop. What do you like?
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Aug 2, 2005
The last few days have had more of an analog synth emphasis than I usually get into. I'm feeling like my collection here could be a lot bigger.

Like i've been listening to Goldfrapp a bit, which seems to be like blondie meets gary numan - which is good - but it could be more interesting than it is.

What do you all recommend for that big analog synth sound?
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I love Ladytron

Dance Mother
by Telepathe.
Silent Shout by The Knife

That is for interesting. I would imagine anyone that enjoyed Goldfrapp would enjoy Róisín Murphy. She has released two fantastic dance pop albums by the name of Ruby Blue and Overpowered. One can even go back to her work as part of the duo Moloko, which blended analog synth with trip top.

On more of the New Order side of things, Cut Copy release their opus In Colours last year. The Australian analog set put it all together for that. Or how about Neon Neon. The collaboration debut was an complete omage and concept album about John Delorean - Stainless Style.

Towards electro pop, France is where it's at. Yelle released an incredibly fun albun a couple years ago by the name.Pop-up. I likened her sound to a Frenchier Wham. Emile Simon is a little more edgy and sprinkles a little glitch-hop to gloss her analog proceedings.

Washington DC vets Trans Am were among the first to bring back analog. Their album Futureworld was very influential to the 00's revival.

The island nation of Japan has exported many great analog acts, for something edgy and intense, Tujiko Noriko has released several great avant-pop albums.

Big analog sound has washed through the indie scene. "Blade Runner End Titles" genre fans sing the praises of M83 and Principles of Geometry. Then there's the disco tinged side with Kelly Polar, Hercules & Love Affair...brit pranksters like Hot Chip...etc...etc...etc
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I've heard the Ladytron name before. I'll check it out. Thanks for the 'air' recommendation too, though I've got some trepidation wrt french techno. They produce some of the cheeziest I've heard.
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Oh and one can't forget Italo either. The label Italians Do it Better has rekindled interest in the ice disco style with great releases like Beat Box by Glass Candy and Night Drive by Chromatics.
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You have some good recommendations so far, but a few more wouldn't go amiss. Air have released some absolute cracker singles (Kelly Watch The Stars, and Cherry Blossom Girl, for eg), although IMHO they are a bit hit and miss if you're after a 'signature album'. Don't let that be a discouragement though...

At any rate, here are some names to investigate:
  1. Bent - Programmed to Love; Magic Love; and Ariels (all albums - forget the more recent, Intercept!, which I felt was an experimental misfire given their past material). One of my favorites, from the UK;
  2. Boards of Canada, or Casino versus Japan (the Go Hawaii album is great), if you're after something a bit more challenging and a bit less pop;
  3. Cocteau Twins - blissful stuff which I think really doesn't date;
  4. Cut Copy - I agree with the poster above that In Ghost Colours is good, but their first, "Bright Like Neon Love", is absolutely brilliant;
  5. Helios - prolific output (and IIRC also does a more minimal sound under the Goldmund moniker), and is probably difficult to get a handle on because of that;
  6. Koop - check the "Islands" album for some cheap and cheerful sounds;
  7. Lemon Jelly - also hailing from the UK, and sort of a more synth-guitar version of Bent;
  8. Lindberg Hemmer Foundation - the Brazilian Architecture, and Scandinavian Supermarket Music albums border on cheesy, but don't quite cross that boundary - hammond organ driven pop, really good stuff from Denmark;
  9. Mr Suitcase, and Popnoname - Swedish and German respectively (I think). I list them together as it is almost impossible to find commercially released material, and the former in particular seems content to post free downloads at his website. Check the "Frauds" mix/album for a taste of his sound;
  10. Saint Etienne - no one is poppier than them;
  11. Shrift - the Lost in a Moment album is gorgeous;
  12. Tosca - well, almost everything they've done. New album out, or just about out, I think;

Being new here, I don't know if it's the done thing to share music, but I'd be happy to burn you a sampler. Have fun...

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