Bifrost 2 vs. Ares II vs. Soekris 1321
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New Head-Fier
Apr 8, 2017
Hey all, I'm trying to decide on a sub 1000k R2R DAC for my desktop headphone setup. I'm a huge fan of R2R but don't want to break that bank on my secondary system.

I'm not like other headfi-ers in that my main musical genres are heavy metal and extreme metal. Fast, intense, noisy nonsense :L3000:

Metal can get incredibly grating in the treble with those guys wailing away on cymbals and with often poorly-recorded stuff from the 80s and 90s. So I'm looking for something that's forgiving in the highs, yet is incredibly quick and yet detailed.

Also important is BASS. Helps round out the low end of a genre that doesn't have a ton of low end at times. Fast, tight, good bass!

Which one should I get? All are getting great reviews. I've heard the Schiit house sound is a bit bright overall, but that might just be the amps. I've only ever owned a Modi S/D a ways back, and it definitely had a digital glare to it. The Ares II is supposed to be almost vinyl-like, but maybe light on bass? A bit confused.

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