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Bi or tri-flanged tip recommendations for a-Jays five (and introductions, etc)

  1. VonAntero
    Personal introduction: 
    Hello Head-Fiers, I'm new here. Well, sort of. I've been reading articles and the forum on and off for few years now, but usually I've found what I was looking for. 
    Now, however, I find myself in a pinch. Therefore I shall summon you, o' wise ones, with the power of asking a question to give me guidance... in a minute. 
    My limited headphone history starts with Koss Porta Pro; I got my first pair back in the mid 90's to company my Sony Walkman cassette player. Porta Pros became my go to headphones for most of my life. I used them for years with my Walkman during my early teens and they carried over when I went for MiniDisc, iPod and finally a cell phone. 
    I'm not sure how many pairs I've gone trough in the past 20 years, but I'd guess it has to be a handful. They got so cheap that I bought a pair just to mod them into Peltor earmuffs at one point. 
    During the first 25 years of my life I used headphones almost exclusively outdoors or when traveling. When I was at home I saw no reason to use them, other than multiplayer gaming, as I had speakers for music and movies. Few years ago, though, I got in to it more and was introduced to full sized, cheap, knock-offs that where surprisingly good; Superlux HD-681. These were so much better than anything I've ever used, but as they were so huge, they weren't for portable use - Porta Pros stayed with me whenever I left the house. 
    Atm I use the HD-681 EVOs indoors. I'm interested on getting some higher quality full cans at some point, but these will do for now. 
    After getting my first proper smartphone (I was quite late to the party) that had significantly better SQ, I started looking for alternative portable on-ears. At this point, I still though Porta Pro was the **** when it comes to portable that size, but the ones I got two years ago, from our hated neighbor Sweden, the c-Jays blew me away. They are sooo much better in every way, well, I prefer Koss' headband, but sound wise the c-Jays are quite the improvement. 
    I was never a fan of IEMs, because the ones I knew of were uncomfortable, hard, plastic, never-stayed-in-ear, horrid SQ pieces of ****. I simply had no idea they actually make better ones what comes along with phones and other players. 
    So, after I was enlighten by this fact I went on to a quest to find a pair. This quest wasn't very long. I was so impressed by our loved neighbors' product, they were the first ones I turned to. And wouldn't you know it, they had exactly what I wanted; The a-Jays five. 
    Right quality, right features (android buttons, mic) and right price. 
    Love 'em. 
    Reasons I'm looking for them: 
    a-Jays comes with 5 different size tips, but none of them work for me. The default ones are the right size, but my ears aren't...em..right. I can't get any seal with the smaller ones and the bigger ones are way too big. The issue with the default ones is that after 15 minutes, they'll fall off if I don't adjust them every now and then. 
    They give a good seal and I get my bass fix easily with them. If I'm not moving much, they do keep the seal for a long time, but as it happens, I tend to move a lot during my day. 
    I'm used to use earplugs, foam and rubbery ones. At the place I work atm, it's not required to wear ear protection, but I require it from myself. There are lot of machines running, so there is constant noise present. It's not that loud, but enough for me to desire some isolation. Jays default tips provide just enough isolation, but a bit more wouldn't be a bad thing. 
    When I first searched for alternative tips I went with the highly recommended Comply foam tips. I got a normal sized variety pack to try out few of their different models. Aaaand no. The way a-Jays and my ears are shaped, Comply tips won't go deep enough and just get oddly twisted while trying to insert them. There's no seal to speak of and... yeah, they they just don't work for me. 
    At the same time I realized that foam tips is the wrong way to go. I have to remove and insert the IEMs multiple times during my day and my hands get somewhat dirty while I work, so the end result would be pretty much a disaster with any foam tips. In hindsight I should have though this through in the first place, but as usual, that didn't happen. 
    As I said, I'm used to use earplugs and if I'm not using foam ones, I'm using tri-flanged rubbery ones. So the logical solution for my situation is to try some of those next. But what brand/model to try.. 
    GET TO THE POINT ALREADY! / tl;dr : 
    I'm in the need of bi or tri-flanged tips for my a-Jays fives. I would like some suggestions for brands and models. 
    -Perfect stay-in-ear factor/seal 
    -Great SQ 
    -Good isolation 
    -Good built quality 
    -Ok comfort 
    Don't care: 
    -Price (to a point)

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