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BGVP discussion thread DM7/ DM6/DMG and NEW BA series

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  1. Mirimar
  2. mr.karmalicious
  3. MariusAB
    If you have ordered from A/v then they are just dont care to say you. I also had to ask them to say tracking. Either way i till this day couldn't know that it was sent. When i will receive my order after that i will end all busines with them once and for all. Sorry guys, i know your problems but this all came too far. Buyer for them is nothing.
  4. Huxley
    So I noticed, I threatened to report them that's when they gave me the tracking number.
    In fairness they've probably received a lot of abuse over this. Hopefully it'll change how they do things.
  5. loungecat
    Thinking of a FiiO m9 purchase at my local.
    Do the M6 pair well with the fiiO m9?? Cheers
  6. Mirimar
    Would love to know what you think when it arrives :)
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  7. Yell0wBee
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  8. Dizzle77
    Finally got sick of trying to return my faulty copper cable to the NiceHCK seller on AliExpress. Been dragging on for weeks and they kept moving the goal posts regarding me returning the cable. So I had enough today and decided to involve Ali Express even though my dispute period had already expired. They decided in my favour and offered me a partial refund which comes up to 90% of what I paid, so I accepted. The difference is only slightly less to what I would have needed to pay in shipping to return the cable anyway.

    I realise that I've probably been unlucky with receiving a broken cable, but NiceHCK just weren't making it easy for me to get a replacement. Impressed with Ali Express though - by comparison their resolution was swift and painless.
    Last edited: Jan 11, 2019
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  9. acygni
    As a reseller, there is no way he is lossing money. He does not make the order to the manufacturer until he receives your money. Also a lot of times, coupons and discounts on Aliexpress are actually subsidies from Aliexpress.
  10. drag0nslayer
    Yes :)
  11. drag0nslayer
    Just custom design.
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  12. porrrtico
    Is the stock black BGVP cable bad?
    I mean its a cable I don't think that buying a better one could improve noticeably the music clarity xdxd
  13. MAK1975
    Just showed up at my door. DM6 is here!!

    20190111_130713.jpg 20190111_131219.jpg
    Last edited: Jan 11, 2019
  14. mr.karmalicious
    dm6 with stock cable sounds much better than my SE530 ever did, so who can say? i'm personally not a believer in the idea that cables make any difference whatsoever (if their impedances are equal)... but it's not a discussion i want to get into. probably should just link this and say no more.

    i ordered the copper cable because it's downright beautiful and hey, if it somehow does sound better, then cool.
  15. perfecious
    - post removed for convenience -
    Last edited: Feb 9, 2019
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