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BGVP discussion thread DM7/ DM6/DMG and NEW BA series

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  1. darkwing
    uh oh, maybe last week of March?
  2. Kitechaser
  3. chinmie
    strange...i (and my friends ) always find that the
    symbios would feel slightly bigger than it's counterparts on the same size..unless you take out the foams, then it would be just like other tips
    mr.karmalicious and rendyG like this.
  4. Dizzle77
    strange indeed. That said the symbio fit took me completely by surprise as L had always been too big for me in any tips (foam or silicone) that I'd tried in the past.
  5. zeppu08
    Btw where do you guys order your symbio tips? Can link me to them pls..
  6. Dsnuts Contributor
  7. MariusAB
    Me personaly jave ordered there: http://symbioeartips.com . Came in two weeks with standart free shipping from hungary
  8. zeppu08
    Thanks! Whats the best symbio tips to get btw?
  9. perfecious
    Just stumbled on this new DM6 review from a few hours ago.

    Not sure if the guy is a member on the forum, and if he is, I apologize for posting his video, because he might have wanted to do it himself, but still... Nice to see more reviews coming.
    nishan99 and jason96 like this.
  10. MariusAB
    I think wide bore. Size of course personal preferance. First time i have ordered small medium, large set to check what fits the best. Also i have ordered cheaper without inside material. Peel version. Because as someone sugested there, it is good balance not sacrificing nor bass nor treble. And still good isolation. But forhaps other have used the version with inside foam usual. I think it should be better isolation. Sacrificing some balance in the frequencies as it should be more base.
    zeppu08 likes this.
  11. zeppu08
    Nice! Thanks for the suggestions!
  12. mr.karmalicious
    I don't remember if I used mediums or larges from the original run of Shure olive tips, but definitely the small symbios are too small and the large are too big for me. The mediums isolate perfectly and never lose the seal, I just get some general war pain after a while. I think something of a similar size (maybe a little smaller, or at least more pliable?) that just was a little longer-nuzzled would be perfect for me. I dunno, my ear shape might just be weird, and it's only one of the ears that bothers me a bit. I ordered the kz stars; will update when I eventually get them!

    The good thing is that in spite of fairly long shipping times to the US, both the tips and the BGVP OCC cable have already shipped!
    Last edited: Jan 4, 2019
  13. TooPoorForHiFi
    So the Two Top picks for Tips are...

    • Symbios W Tips ? or is it Symbios N
    • KZ Star Tips

  14. jatergb
    Thank you!! I guess I'll go with DM6 for now. Let me check with DD audio and Penon when can I expect to order one and see it in hands
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