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BGVP discussion thread DM7/ DM6/DMG and NEW BA series

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  1. mr.karmalicious
    Thanks for all the case suggestions, y'all! That pelican one looks pretty good to me, but I'll look through these a bit more and grab something.

    One more question... Are there tips other than the symbios that people like for these? I notice that because of the size, the earphone itself sits much more outside my ear than the SE530s did. The medium symbios isolate pretty well (and don't lose isolation whenever I adjust my jaw or move my head), but I've gotta push the earphones a little more than I'd like and it's causing some fatigue/pain, whereas the 530s I could situate fairly deep in the inner ear.

    Is there something like the symbios that will fit on this nozzle but extend further? I used the old "black olives" on my Shures and liked those a lot--they're definitely longer than the symbios even ignoring the earphone size/shape disparity.
  2. Meder Bakirov
    Yes, that's bad, that MD could not fulfill and canceled the orders from first wave. My DM6s could even be from the canceled orders of the first wave, who knows.
  3. Kitechaser
    Kz star tips fit them very well.
  4. darkwing
    I think the first wave on MD had the misfortune of being on the same time as the 11/11 and BF sales

    with BGVP making limited units per day, something is going to give way

    shipping on March is a much more realistic proposition
  5. mathi8vadhanan
    What Color did your order?
    I order CLEAR from a/v on 11/23. After the initial fake tracking number fiasco, he said end of December. Then that got pushed again to Jan-8th.
    I pinged him again and asked if he had other colors, since someone here mentioned they had received a new batch. They had 3 colors other than CLEAR -
    Obsidian Black, Ivory & Marine Blue. I asked mine to be changed to Ivory and they've shipped it today. Hopefully it's not another fake tracking number, fingers crossed.
    You can try your luck with the other two colors.
  6. MariusAB
    Thanks for info. My situation is the same, ordered clear about the same time Asked to wait till 8 of January (after fake first tracking and all other dates). So will try my luck with a/v shop.
    Also hope your tracking was real this time and you will get what you areawaiting. Hope we all that are still waiting have their luck soon.
  7. mathi8vadhanan
    I wanted the ivory, but ordered CLEAR, thinking these were 3D printed shells. I think CLEAR is tougher to make hand-made, since they show up imperfections and bubbles easily.
    Nobody has raised any quality issues so far. Atleast, we know BGVP is not compromising quality to make a quick buck.
  8. MariusAB
    Agree with you that quality is the main thing they should worry. And it seems that people dont have any complains there. So bgvp choose right way. Don't know if this question was answered from them about using knowles or not BA drivers. But after all you had your luck as you will receive the colour you needed.
  9. mathi8vadhanan
    Yeah, it worked out well in the end. Hope you get yours shipped soon.
    BGVP said that they are indeed knowles but is branded as BGVP due to their NDA.
  10. chinmie
    value for money? DM6
    and you're asking an ety fan here :dt880smile:
    but if money is not a variable, I'd pick the ER

    This! the KZ tips are one of my favorite, and also one of the best combo for the DM6 for me (of course also with the Symbio peel)
  11. zepmaj
    Which KZ tips do you guys referring to? There are different types of KZ tips.
  12. Ollie the bear
    Get a Shure case https://www.amazon.com/Shure-EASQRZ...shure+case&dpPl=1&dpID=41PKUXmvpyL&ref=plSrch
  13. nishan99
    I am surprised that people like KZ tips, the ones came with my AS10 are tires hard! they are not comfortable at all.
    Now i am using AKG tips that came with my S9 earphones and they are great.
  14. Dizzle77
    Might be worth going a size up with the symbios. I’m usually a M when it comes to tips, but with the symbios I had to go with L as the M was too small. Even when I really pushed in the M, I still wasn’t kquite able to get a secure fit. Obviously everyone’s ears are different, but this worked for me.
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  15. perfecious
    - post removed for convenience -
    Last edited: Feb 9, 2019
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