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BGVP discussion thread DM7/ DM6/DMG and NEW BA series

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  1. HungryPanda
    Many iems have changed with 100 or 200 hours, even more so they are being built with piezo and ceramic drivers
  2. addicted2music
    I disagree. My kanas pro needed about 100 hours of burn in. The manufacturer even left a note inside the box to burn them in for 100 hours at least. Uusally dynamic drivers benefit from burn in, but not BAs.
    Anyway, I have tried my DMS with multiple sources. I just can't get over the upper mids to lower treble peak. My ears are very sensitive to that peak. Even my Kanas pro has it, but I find it within my tolerance. I don't think this iem is bad. It's just not for me I guess. I still am hoping that the peak is tamed after some more usage. Let's see.
  3. HungryPanda
    I suppose people are sensitive to different frequencies than others, I try different tips or micropore tape to adjust sound if it annoys
  4. addicted2music
    Yes, it is true. I am giving them more time before I do any mod. Chi-fi iems usually have this peak to make female vocals sound euphonic. Weird Asian coloration. People enjoy it I guess. I prefer warmer sounding headphones with an emphasis given to male vocals rather than female.
  5. addicted2music
  6. Hans-NL
    Experimenting with different tips for sure change the sound, be it foams, silicone tips, wider or narrower bore, and use the proper size for the best seal. I currently use the stock silicone large tips for both my DM6 and DM7.

    Although I used to have foams on nearly all my other IEMs, for now I really enjoy the silicones.

    I just ordered a couple of Spinfit CP145 to see if that will improve these BGVPs or my other IEMs.

    BTW, the first new Artmagic VG4 just came available on the official BGVP Aliexpress store, hoping the EST8 is following soon :)
  7. HungryPanda
    On my DMS I use large shallow wide bore tips

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  8. addicted2music
    After burning them in for 50+ hours, the lower treble peak does not bother me anymore. I compared them with my Kanas pro today. I can say that the KPE is better.
    Bass has more mid and sub bass quantity on the DMS, but it is not as tight as the KPE's bass. The speed and texture are not much different on both the sets. The KPE's bass sounds a tad faster, but the DMS's bass sounds fuller with bigger impact.
    Mids on both have the w shaped signature. Recessed lower mids with a boost in the upper mids. Although, the mids on the DMS feel slightly more recessed due to the stronger bass presence, but are fuller and warmer.
    The lower treble on the dms is slightly dry, but good clarity. KPE's both lower treble and upper mids are more refined and smooth.
    Both have a somewhat safe upper treble, but the DMS's treble does not extend as further as the KPE. In fact, the upper treble is lacking on the DMS which makes cymbals sound dry and lacking definition. KPE's treble extension is much better with good definition.
    Soundstage and imaging is superior on the DMS. . Soundstage is huge . It is wider, taller and deeper. Imaging is also better on the DMS.
    Overall, KPE is a more refined IEM offering better resolution, but is not as big sounding as the DMS. If you want a big warm sound, DMS is a no brainer. But if you want something more refined, resolving and balanced sounding, KPE is the better pick.
    Last edited: Aug 27, 2019
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  9. iamkn
  10. Carlsan
    The Art Magic BGVP ARTMAGIC V12
    is on sale on Drop for $999
    drop will finish in two days, or less.

    Clarification - not the latest model with EST drivers.
    Last edited: Sep 2, 2019
  11. mmoderni
    No, the V12 on drop is the previous TOTL without EST drivers.
    The ES12 is the new TOTL and is not on drop.
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  12. Carlsan
    Okay got it, thanks for the clarification.
    Was rather confused when I attempted to google it.
  13. Hans-NL
    A while ago I did read here about SpinFits being a good companion for the DM7 (and DM6), and today I received a couple of SpinFit CP145 eartips, they are for sure a great fit and seal.
    These are a bit tricky to properly insert in my ears compared to the stock tips, I guess because they are more flexible. Probably just a matter of getting used to that.

  14. hiflofi
    @Hawaiibadboy probably etiquette to not ask for ETAs, but I'm really eager to see how the EST8 graphs out and your impressions of it. Largely due to where its price sits and the tech inside it. Of course, the Roland (which you have really positive feelings towards) is barely pricier, but I wouldn't mind hearing how the EST8 competes with the Roland.
    Huge thanks for the way you approach reviews and how you contribute to informing the rest of the community in general!
  15. Deezel177
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