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BGVP discussion thread DM7/ DM6/DMG and NEW BA series

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  1. SoundChoice
    What is the exact nozzle diameter of the DM6 if I were to buy a metal screen for it?
  2. paddyberger
    I got my DMG and loved them. I got the DM6 not long after BGGA posted his vid and love them too.

    Using my DMG with a Bluetooth cable and the DM6 with an ES100 and Mandarins and enjoy them both to this day.

    Sucks for those who had issues, I’d buy again, no question.
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  3. Hans-NL
    I don't have anything to measure with right now, but what I was wondering why would you cover up the bores with a metal screen? The sound will change for sure, probably making it sound a bit muffled.
  4. SoundChoice
    I’m assured by @Slater metal doesn’t alter the sound, but thank you.
  5. Artur27
  6. Artur27
    BGVP-DM7-1.jpg IMG_20190808_115304_653.jpg
    I had have the same problem like you with the left connect.
    To continue issue about different sample bgvp dm7

    First picture from some review and the second is my sample.
    As you can see they changed middle - high filter where set ED-29689 and my sample has frequancy dip exactly there where the sample from Crinacle doesn't have...
    Last edited: Aug 20, 2019
  7. Nellow
    Anyone know anything about the newly released dh3
  8. Fawzay
    its a hybrid (1 DD and 2 knowles balance armatures) iem with 2 pin switches to adjust the bass and the mid to mid-treble( i think).
    it comes with 2 variants : Clear and solid white.

    here are the specs:


    Knowles Balanced Armatures*2

    Dynamic Diaphragm Driver*1

    Features: 2 Tuning Switch; 4 Styles of Tuning Available

    Sensitivity: ≥105dB SPL/MW

    Input impedance: 15 Ω

    Frequency response: 10Hz-40kHz

    The distortion rate: ≤0.5% (1 KHZ)

    Channel balanced: ≤1 dB

    Rated power: 7mW

    Cable length: 1.2m ±5%
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  9. solarpanel
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  10. darkwing
    just crazy, BGVP releasing the Artmagic series

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  11. Hans-NL
    Damn, that EST8 looks very interesting, price around $750. That's half the price of the ES12.

    Can't wait to see a proper review, hopefully this time a bit about the differences in dipswitch settings.
  12. billbishere
    Let's hope the QC stuff is resolved. That's what has held me back . Look forward to getting some of these out in the wild.
  13. Redcarmoose
    84FC0238-C3DC-463F-B93B-BBCE990F4A43.jpeg 363E8FF1-6D3B-4A93-874A-B4FF14C5830C.jpeg 715C8501-0230-4532-8F4D-3AD942DC89F9.jpeg B75B04A8-C75E-4B33-A996-9EA42D40BFCF.jpeg 1558BDC6-27EB-4DFF-8499-B3FD7D9FB250.jpeg

    The new line looks cool!
    Last edited: Aug 21, 2019
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  14. addicted2music
    My BGVP DMS just arrived and I am kind of disappointed. It sounds low fi to my ears, not even mid fi. The bass is bloated. The mids are warm, moderately detailed, and kinda recessed. The midrange texture is rough, not smooth like I read in reviews. Treble extends well, but again is rough and dull. The soundstage and imaging is decent. It is not fatiguing, but apart from the treble extension and soundstage, everything sounds low fi. I have the moondrop kanas pro which is priced around the same and it sounds much better. I am expecting them to change after some usage. I hope they do. Anyone here experienced the same with their DMS?
    Last edited: Aug 23, 2019
  15. zepmaj
    Maybe legendary quality control of BGVP?
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