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BGVP discussion thread DM7/ DM6/DMG and NEW BA series

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  1. capnjack
    Work well with ES100 too.
  2. chinmie
    yup, i can vouch for that, as I'm also a proud owner of an ES100 :ksc75smile:
    but lately having use TWS and Kanas-BT20 combo is really liberating that even a slight wire added is a nuisance now:dt880smile:
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  3. Fawzay
    Some new stuff from bgvp Capture+_2019-08-16-09-58-26-1.png
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  4. Hans-NL
    Hmm, that ES12... Looks pretty awesome with those specs, but I think the price will also be quite a bit higher than the Artmagic.
  5. Fawzay
    yea u guess it rite, it retails @ approx $1500usd
    price info from Lilian/Linsoul
    Last edited: Aug 16, 2019
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  6. Hans-NL
    That price was to be expected, but although I can afford both, I won't get it. It’s just to much for a single set of IEMs in my opinion :)
  7. darkwing
    that DX5 looks interesting
  8. cr3ativ3
    Meanwhile .. I regret that I sold my set . It was one from the first issue free batch :frowning2:
  9. Ghawke
    I have just got back my repaired/replaced DM7; from me posting off to arriving back took three weeks. I think that the left side had always been out from the moment I bought them, but I pretended that all was okay. This morning I plugged the repaired DM7 into my SR15 with 2.5 cable and a whole new world of sound opened up. Now I understand why the DM7 is such a great IEM. The next thing is to switch to 4.4 TRN T2 16 Core Silver Plated cable that should arrive on Monday and plug into the Q5s.
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  10. tichyztech
    I'm in the UK too, considering the T800 as well. How much surcharge did you pay?
  11. natalieann
    I’m going to sell mine. Wireless headphones are making me sell all my wired headphones only thing I’m keeping is my ISINE, but I just ordered the wireless cable for that too
    Last edited: Aug 17, 2019
  12. jsmiller58
    Any number of Bluetooth adapters available that will give you high performance aptx-hd and LDAC (on Android, anyway) and allow you to have much greater choice of higher performance IEMs. When I need a Bluetooth solution I personally use an ES100 that allows me to take advantage of any of my IEMs, though that is not truly wireless, and also Zolo Liberty+ when I really need completely wireless buds. There are also the short Bluetooth cables that you just wear behind your neck. Anyway, just something to consider before being locked into the significantly smaller number of audiophile choices available from truly wireless earphones.
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  13. Hans-NL
    Exactly, although I will always prefer wired headsets, I too use a Fiio BTR3 bluetooth adapter when in need of a wireless connection.
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  14. capnjack
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  15. Fawzay
    BGVP-DH 3 ear-700x700.jpg
    BGVP ArtMagic DH3
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