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BGVP discussion thread DM7/ DM6/DMG and NEW BA series

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  1. crabdog
    I've heard so much praise for that IEM and would love to try it. I might look into getting one but am kinda snowed under with gear at present.
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  2. Ultrainferno
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  3. jon parker
    It depends on what you personally feel 'clarity' to mean but I find the Tin Audio T2 to be great in this regard - accurate, neutral, clear - The T3 is clearer, more low end - more of everything. loving it at the moment.
    I used the T2 recently to do some critical EQ'ing at work and found them to be reliable and accurate
    Just something that came to mind when you mentioned clarity :)
  4. Redcarmoose
    Last edited: May 16, 2019
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  5. darkwing
    just go for the DM7 and enjoy it
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  6. archy121
    Early impressions along with HBB’s is telling me to save my money and give the DMS a miss.. . Although I’m not a detail monster I don’t like the term ‘veiled’ at all. Surprised by it being applied to the DMS with its Knowles BA’s playing the highs.

    I Wonder if further DD burn time/cable change would help in this area.

    Seems its back to the original plan of buying a backup DM6 later on - best quality:cost Ratio so far.
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  7. HungryPanda
    I received the BGVP DMS a few days go and I rather like them, The tonality is fine, pianos sound just like they should, drums too. Vocals are slightly recessed but not by much. They have a U shape to my ears with the tips I'm using
  8. Musclemagic
    I knew what you meant, that's what I ordered. Cheerios! :)
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  9. MariusAB
    Now i am also a little bit confused. After HBB comments i am little bit surprised that dms is below kz zs10pro. But knowing he likes more brighter treble boosted iems and dms isn't like this it also could be some preference question. Coldnt believe bgvp made worse iems than dmg. But sometime it happens also so will need to hear more opinions. Sometimes clarity couldn't compensate lack of musicality. And dm6 for me not so musical as kanas pro. Even if it is more revealing or clear. So kanas is much better for usual listening for me. Hoped dms could be in the same territory. Now don't know what else is worth the price or better than kanas.
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  10. archy121

    I’m also hoping @Hawaiibadboy will compare the DMS to Kanas Pro in his video review.
    One last consideration for the DMS.
    Last edited: May 16, 2019
  11. Light - Man
    Just to confuse things even further. I have the Kanas Pro at the moment and I will soon be returning it. It can sound very good with some tracks but with others it can get a bit shouty and a bit grating in the treble region (even after 200 hours burn-in). A few other people on another thread have also mentioned that they had similar sorts of issues with it.

    I had the DMG recently and it was decent but not good enough for me to keep as I only want a few IEM's and not a few hundred like many people on here seem to have. :)

    My main point is that we all have different preferences. So other peoples views are of limited value and we really have to try for ourselves in the end.
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  12. Tony51
    I got hit with a lightning deal via Amazon selling the KZ KS 10 Pro for 36 bucks. Of course I nailed it as an addition to my collection.
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  13. battosai
    How's the DM7 with the hiby R6 ? I have the DM6 and the pairing is great but now the DM7 has an even lower impedance so I am not sure... Thanks
  14. crabdog
    Almost anything might sound veiled if you've just come from the ZS10 Pro which is by nature bright with a very forward treble.
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  15. Folly
    If you already have the KPE then imo you will find the DMS to be a downgrade. I did some ABing the other day and KPE is superior in all areas except fit.

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