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BGVP discussion thread DM7/ DM6/DMG and NEW BA series

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  1. Aeskualpio
    My take was that he compared quite favorably to the MoonDrop A8
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  2. torpedorag
    Oh yeah the A8. At least I got the "8" lol.
  3. duyanh43
    Sounds promising to me. Waiting for official release and reviews : Will it worth +200$ invest from a used DM6 to brand new DM7. Stick with the DM6 for the time being :D
  4. ryaneagon
    I'm very interested in hearing more impressions regarding the DM7. I had the DM6, I sold them because I didn't care for the sound signature, mids were too recessed and highs were shouty and sibilant (My opinion) I picked up the Kanas Pro, I really like there sound signature, lovely wide presentation, super reveling and great bass, A bit weak in the mid/low bass fullness, much because they are very mid 2k-4k active? Regardless they are a totally different signature to the 846's I use.

    I know it's not fare to compare, but I had an opportunity to demo A JH audio, 64 Audio, and Empire Ears. (most of all the models) I ended up absolutely loving the 64 Audio Trio' ($2300) I mean Loved them! with the WM1Z (direct mode) Just wondering how the DM7 might stack up to them. I will say the KP do a pretty good job as far as imaging, and highs. They lack in fullness and bass presentation. Anyways just curious if some of you have demoed or own the Trio' and maybe be able to compare them with maybe something a bit less expensive. Cheers!
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  5. guicnovaes
  6. MariusAB
    How is your tempotec idsd plus dac pairs with dm6 ? Is it worth to have it after your have chord mojo? What quality you get with it and is it better than than your V20 or ibasso dap?. Sorry for so much questions, but i am searching good pairing and sounding dac, but don't know is it worth for dm6 and other iem to get mojo or is enough such tempotec (As it was very popular i Russia). Thank for answer :wink:
  7. duyanh43
    DM6 pair quite good with Tempotec via balanced port, pretty black background and i think it is better than DX120 in terms on sound. But it has many bugs so i switched to use DAP.

    Tempotec is Hidizs DH1000 but with much better price, 100$ on Aliexpress. Chord Mojo was sold before i get the dm6 so i can't tell if they are a good pair. Chord Mojo is warm, detail, better separation than Tempotec. All of the DAC/Amps are easily beating V20 in terms of sound quality. DX120 is pretty warm, separation isn't as good as Sabres, it get hiss when pair with DM6. Zx300 Balanced port hiss little with DM6 and R6 is dead silent. Tempotec is good, sound is clear and detailed, only the bass is pretty weak imo.
  8. MariusAB
    Thanks a lot for your description of each available to you dap/dac. So perhaps you love dm6 with R6 the most if it's also musical? As i understand it's a good sounding and no hissing combo even from balanced output. For me DAP as a player is more practical in real life than separate portable dac/amp that you use as an additional device.,So even tempotec has really good price for what it is, but i also love when dap has some low end power with punch. And i heard the same as your opinion that it has not very strong lower end (and what in your opinion from your daps/dacs has this biggest punchiest low end?). If i will have possibility to listen i will try to do this first. But as usually we have to choose blindly that's why such description as your is so important to such as me.
  9. Redcarmoose
  10. duyanh43
    From my ears, all tested with DM6:
    R6 (Deepest bass, more sibilance, kinda V) >= Zx300 (more subbass, bass rumble more than r6, slightly less detailed and seperation) > DX120.

    If i have to rate the tempotec then it will be placed between ZX300 and DX120.

    I don't know if the DM6 sounds was colored or altered by R6's 10Ohm output Z (maybe that the reason for no hissing) . If i have a chance i will upgrade to R6 Pro or DX220.
  11. rendyG
    Hey Chris, firstly I would like to thank you for the work you are doing for the audiophile community.
    It is so helpful to see/hear your impressions of new iems and now when you are doing graphs, it is even more objective :)
    I just wanted to ask you if you started to upload your measurements somewhere. I know a few of them are on fb, but not all of them. I think many of us would appreciate if you could upload at least 1 graph of each iem to some public image hosting, I hope it won´t be too time-consuming for you (I understand you have a loads of iems and you want to be time efficient.

    Now, even though I just bought TSMR3 recently, I´m so hyped about DM7, because if it´s true what you are saying (DM6 without the 8k peak and more mids + similar sound to A8), I´m sold.
    BTW, do you still have TSMR 3 or 4 with you? It would be great if you´d find a minute to measure them, TSMR3 is really hyped in Czech Republic and it would mean a lot for us if you could compare these two, or at least graph one of them so we have some baseline against future purchases :)
    Last edited: Apr 29, 2019
  12. crabdog
    This arrived a bit earlier than expected.

  13. Devodonaldson
    Using comply foam tips. No sibilance issues
  14. davidcotton
    Looks like you got in before the hype train left the station! Where's the fun in that? :)
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  15. dakchi
    From where did you order it?
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