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BGVP discussion thread DM7/ DM6/DMG and NEW BA series

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  1. Cevisi
    Yes but i i hadnt the dm6 for long time in my own had to send then back
  2. torpedorag
    for me yes.
  3. TooPoorForHiFi
    I've said this awhile ago, The OSTRY OS100 - OS200 - OS300 Tip pack should help those people with these issue.

    They have Built in Filters. I got All 3 Packs for around $6 Shipped but it seems like price increased.
    Last edited: Apr 27, 2019
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  4. archy121

    Looks like my plan to buy a backup DM6 is sacked.
    Time to get saving for 11/11 upgrade :p
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  5. Redcarmoose

  6. koikoikoi
    So HBB says it'll be ~$300, but BGVP Thailand facebook says $400

    "BGVP Thailand can’t be. even competitor in the market using some knowles and most are China drivers for 6BA, price already 3xx so this one should be around 400$"

    Who is correct? Any indication of release date regardless?
  7. Redcarmoose
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  8. Hawaiibadboy Contributor
    $299 at Linsoul when it starts selling.
  9. archy121
    I know .. terrible. But at $299 and probably lower at 11/11 it would be hard to ignore and buy DM6.

    Upgraded Sound quality..... Check
    Bargain Price...................... Check
    HBB Thumbs Up ................ Check

    Looking forward to your final review video.
    I’m curious how well the combination of Sonion & Knowles drivers harmonise in the DM7 and the improvements that come from this mix.

    Please compare the Bass with DM6 in more detail.
    Last edited: Apr 28, 2019
  10. Aeskualpio
    As per Lillian at Linsoul $299 at release on May 6th
  11. headenvelopedinsound
    Sonion bass drivers are amazing. Knowles mid/high drivers pair seamlessly. I speak just from Fearless S6Pro experience though. I am looking forward to final thoughts and graph from HBB on these as well. Was looking to S8Pro for stage use but this has derailed that. For studio monitor sound and straight out accurate sound S6Pro is insane, just need some sub bass in my ears to hear/feel the kick drum. Exploring ChiFi is a worth while venture.
  12. torpedorag
    I've been looking at the Fearless S8Pro as an upgrade for my DM6. But man, 299 for the DM7. I am so tempted!
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  13. headenvelopedinsound
    If it graphs similar to something more like the fearless line I’ll bite more than likely. S8Pro just has more bass than S6Pro. Pretty convinced that those two models mid high drivers are identical with identical crossovers. Just the lows are different. Which is enticing seeing as I love my S6Pro for all but stage. I can eq bass on some stages I am on but not all so hence the search. My Westone UM Pro 20 graphs like a DM6 except for a drop out in the 4-7khz area more than likely to battle sibilance as it’s designed for stage. I find it to warm and a bit lower mid bloated which makes for a warmer but muddy mix. Still a pleasing audio presentation overall just not really accurate audio.
  14. torpedorag
    I remember HBB mentioning in his youtube video that the DM7 is like the S8F.
  15. duyanh43
    I thought he mention Moondrop A8, price tag 669$
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