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BGVP discussion thread DM7/ DM6/DMG and NEW BA series

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  1. dieslemat
    Anyone here feels that the DM6 has this piercing highs issue?

    Maybe its the cable?
    Im using it with the Sony wm1a
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  2. jsmiller58
    Try tip rolling... Foam tips will mute some of the highs. Or try narrower tip opening, which should emphasize bass.

    Some here say that pure copper cables make a difference over SPC. Not sure, but I am passing that along as well.

    Also, check the same tracks against other IEMs... I have found the DM6 to have a bit of sibilance, but when I try with other IEMs on the same tracks I find that they do as well, but the DM6 is less “forgiving” due to its tuning which I think is skewed a bit towards the higher frequencies before it rolls off...
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  3. duyanh43
    Yeah sometimes there are sibilance, sound dull, vocal recessed,... but it is because of the track we used.
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  4. MariusAB
    Also dm6 really depends on the dac you use. Because i am here one of a few guys who always said that dm6 has tendency to sibilance ( or showing it more). But this is mainly from the dm6 tuning that is revealing and sometimes not forgiving but like a magnifying glass showing what is in the track. So if the dap is smooth and not bright so possibly this dm6 part could be relaxed. I have my own experience with my own ears. Only i always thought that this sony dap is warm and smooth as usually sony is, so it should fit for dm6.
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  5. dieslemat
    Not the case really. I tried it on the sony wm1a and the yggdrasil. Maybe its the cable or the tips
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  6. jsmiller58
    I have a similar experience... The DM6 are slightly brighter sounding out of my xDSD than out of my R6 Pro... but all of this is subjective... one of these days I am going to get me a measurement rig set up...!
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  7. MariusAB
    If bgvp will make their dm7 a little bit better tuned in the treble as it should be "upgraded" version then it will be my pretender to upgrade. Bad guy already has dm7 so will wait for his first opinion. An dm6 is what it is already and i managed to make not very bright or sibilant combination with it. But if you will get measurements some day it would be really good info from the same ears guy like me :)
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  8. FastAndClean
  9. antdroid
    It's a little bright and it does depend on recording. The biggest issue I have with the DM6 is sometimes it feels closed-in versus some other IEMs I like. It's more closed in sounding than the Fearless S4, for example, which is a little wider sounding and tamer treble, but otherwise, very similar sounding and shape. Since it does have some treble boosts, bad recordings and dynamic range matters on your tracks with the DM6 (and S4).
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  10. Redcarmoose
    Those photos are mysterious, meaning it may not even be the cable they come with.
  11. MariusAB
    Look at bad guy unit he received, cable looks the same so possibly it is original.
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  12. Redcarmoose
    Your right!
  13. Hawaiibadboy Contributor
  14. battosai
    How's the sound? Top 5??
    Official price??
  15. Hawaiibadboy Contributor
    Graphs like a Moondrop Blessing. (kinda) will do a few more graphs before I post.
    7-9Khz no spikez
    Not sure? Have just started really listening.

    They tune this stuff with gear like the Y2K. They clearly listened to the criticism related to the heat in treble for some
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