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BGVP discussion thread DM7/ DM6/DMG and NEW BA series

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  1. Cevisi
    Yea but i dont have problem whit the treble my girlfriend say on standart eq that the dm6 hurts her ear it would pierce for me thier could be more treble
  2. MariusAB
    It should be piercing like hell with this raised treble. Even in flat dm6 are tendency to pierce and sometime it's too much for me. Don't know what is your treble tolerance, perhaps you hear different
  3. Cevisi
    No piercing no fatigue i listen now for 3 houers on 65% volume i like treble
  4. MariusAB
    Perhaps its because of your source. Phones usually not very transparent and treble rolled off and softer not harsh sounding, so this way raised treble is understandable. When source is brighter dm6 can be fatiguing even without eq
  5. duyanh43
    I would prefer +3dB on Mid Range and 0 on everything else.
  6. AudioCans
    Whatever works for you is the right thing to do. They are very good the way you have them eq'd and that's good
  7. AudioCans
    I generally listen to all of my music direct sound with no eq at all, mainly because I find that the output takes a 4db hit and this I find effects the overall sound. I do sometimes hit the bass boost, but this is hardware controlled and effects other frequencies less
  8. Cevisi
    On my setup the eq doent mess whit anything up just more base more treble anything else be where it was no lose of detail or quality its insane
  9. darkwing
    I use my DMG as my everyday beater, and the DM6 with critical listening, where does the DM7 fit in??? :L3000:
  10. Cevisi
    Much more critical ? Dont now we will see
  11. Redcarmoose
    I’m hoping like polarized sunglasses on a DM6 sunset surrounded by runway models and free scotch? But that’s just dreaming?
    DAVID_54 and darkwing like this.
  12. borjok536
    i dont find dm6.fatiguing.. a83 does.. dm6 is not good if paired with iphones or ipods.. it will sound horrible.. but with dx150 and opus1s dm6 sounds amazing..i can listen for it for so long.. i use my dm6 with balanced copper cable. one more is that tye dm6 is not forgiving to bad music files.. this is my daily driver for now replacing my a83 and it03.
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  13. jsmiller58
    The usual way, I assume. Go ask your parents. :)
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  14. -Kenny-
    I've been abscent from this thread for a few weeks. Don't know if anyone remembers, but my dm6's arrived after almost 4 months of waiting and one had a defective driver right out the box. So i had to send them back to China.
    Here's the good news: today i got an email from penon saying there was in fact a bad armature in the left iem and bgvp aknowledged this. They have replaced the iem's and they're on their way back to me finally.
    All in all i've had nothing but good experience with penon audio and they handled this case very professional and fast.
  15. darkwing
    wow that is some misfortune there, but props to penon and bgpvp for replacing them, and as usual, these are worth the wait, I'm still enjoying mine nearly everyday since last October :)
    -Kenny- likes this.
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