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BGVP discussion thread DM7/ DM6/DMG and NEW BA series

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  1. Redcarmoose
    I’m sure she is something!
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  2. Steve Guppy
  3. Cevisi
    I heard from japanes reviews that they are better and stabler sitting on the nozzel that the sillikon on the tip itself is more sticky then the normal that they fit better and that they have more base and more mids forward and more clarity then the old ones
  4. Cevisi
    I now order a pair of the old ones for 12 euro and a pair of spinfit 145 and 100 for 10 euro togheter what a bargain

    If i life the spiral dots i will get the bettr ones too but um new in this game first a want to try how different tips are fitting and sounding for me
  5. Cevisi
  6. capnjack
    I think at the price of the new spiral dots I’ll stick with the old ones and my Symbio W peels :)

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  7. Cevisi
    Yes thats true maybe if the get cheaper
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  8. AudioCans
    I agree, the price of these and the Spinfit's are getting ridiculous for tips. The good thing is sooner or later the Chinese will copy these and sell them much, much cheaper and as always will produce the quality given time.
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  9. Cevisi
    Did you know some underground unkown bmbastic chinese awsome skillor killor tips of destruction ?
  10. Cevisi
    And are these good tups improve the sounf much of the dm6
  11. AudioCans
    Not yet I don't, but I do know some underground unkown bmbastic chinese awsome skillor IEM's.... And they're called BGVP DM6. Well unknown a year ago!
  12. AudioCans
    What we need is some of these Chinese tip manufacturers to send out their tips FOC to the top YouTube reviewers and the rest will be history, we will all be benefitting with good quality tips for the price of a decent cup of coffee.
  13. AudioCans
    Oh my goodness, I am finding that as I try more Chinese IEM's, I'm finding excellent quality cheaper and cheaper.

    I received the Tin HiFi T3's a few weeks ago and they are so good for the money it's embarrassing for some of the well known brands. These have got to be the best VFM around and simply sublime mid frequencies. These are really close to the DM6, the more I try these the more I love them.
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  14. Cevisi
    I wasnt really happy whit the tuning of the dm6 miss the old tuning of my momentum now i know i am a v shape guy after some eq the dm6 are the best iems i ever heard Screenshot_20190416-131519_SXFI App.jpg

    Im i crazy to raise the 8k up
  15. redrol
    You are craaaazy, but whatever works my man. At least they respond well to EQ.
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