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BGVP discussion thread DM7/ DM6/DMG and NEW BA series

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  1. jsmiller58
    Found the same effect of how much overlap the tip has with the end of the stem... @CoiL has been been pointing this out in other threads and he is spot on. Also, I suspect that by increasing the bass by the tip position, the treble will appear to recede a bit, and since you should be able to listen at lower volumes there will be less fatigue.
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  2. jsmiller58
    I ended up purchasing the two I noted in my post... have no idea if I will like them or regret it, but I will at least be able to share some of my experience!

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  3. jsmiller58
    Oh my. Time to bury my wallet. No, I can leave my wallet out, I’m the one that’s got to find a hole to hide in!
  4. darkwing
    lol you know you are going to buy it
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  5. jsmiller58
    I know... but understand, since Jan 1 I have purchased DM6, S8F, KPE, Tin Audio T3, Hidizs MS4 (not arrived), TSMR-3 Pro (not arrived)... and that is just IEMs... let’s not talk about DAP, cables, headphones... Hi, I’m user jsmiller58, and I am an audioholic. I have a problem!
    Last edited: Apr 1, 2019
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  6. Steve Guppy
    No offence, but I'm an avid fan of @Hawaiibadboy , and his YouTube channel, and respect his experience and huge knowledge in this hobby. And i completely agree with his evaluation. I can understand that a large speaker cone, with an initially stiffer rubber outer may loosen slightly with time, but BA's are just not like this. So we'll agree to disagree as no amount of back and forth on the subject will change minds. Just enjoy your equipment and enjoy music I say
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  7. jsmiller58
    This is a “third rail” topic, guaranteed to cause sparks, damage, and not much good (having engaged in this and had my posts deleted by the mod-gods as a result). Let’s move on... :)
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  8. Cevisi
    Ou boy you have really a probleme im new in this game since 4 months i buy the dt 770 the sxfi amp the dm6 and a pure copper cable i will see if i buy more
  9. Steve Guppy
    Exactly. Next.... :-D
  10. Redcarmoose
  11. redrol
    Curious if you could give your opinions of the DM6 vs S8F vs KPE?
  12. Cevisi
    Yes tell us your knowledge
  13. jsmiller58
    Will try! I suck at audio descriptions/impressions. Will sit down and put thoughts to page this evening.
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  14. archy121
    More tidbits from BGVP Thailand.

    4x Sonion .. yummy.
    DM7 is definitely going to be in another league to DM6 and I guess the price tag will reflect this.
    This will be the competitor to the Fearless series and I guess have similar price.

    Last edited: Apr 2, 2019
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  15. Cevisi
    So they will come in june
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