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BGVP discussion thread DM7/ DM6/DMG and NEW BA series

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  1. Cevisi
    We will se they already marked as shipped and should be there 21-22.04.19:dt880smile::dt880smile:
  2. redrol
    That is my feeling as well. Before the onslaught of orders the tuning seemed better.
  3. MariusAB
    Sometimes i feel the same as with kz when they made v2 that was treble canon as some said.
    Of course dm6 not at the same level but till now i could say that treble not tuned correctly and comfortably.
  4. MariusAB
    Tunning is very delicate and not so fast process i guess so it is possible that they decided to change this process or possibly not the tuning but control of final tuning. I couldn't imagine that such harsh treble samples are normal evem for such ears as bad boy that seems to like harsher treble than usually. Treble can be extended analytical, revealing, but not harsh, metallic or sibilant. Then it's bad tuning for me
  5. jsmiller58
    Anything is possible.

    The issue is that looking through the posts there are many who note problems, and others who say their units are great. And there is the whole sampling issue - most IEM owners are not on Head-fi, and usually people who are unhappy make more noise than those who are happy... so the sampling is definitely not very reliable if you want to draw conclusions

    Finally, I don’t think anyone has actually taken two DM6s that the two different owners report they have very disparate experiences with and see if the frequency response graphs differ on the same test rig (if this experiment has been run and shows meaningful differences between units that point to what is being complained about I missed it and would really appreciate a link!).

    Definitely there are folks who are unhappy with the DM6. Is that due to faulty QA, changed tuning, incompatibility with their own preferred sound signature / past experience / upstream hardware, bad tip selection or tip insertion, or the quality of their tracks? Or my favorite theory, that the DM6 tuning is on the edge, and small changes to tip seal and insertion depth, tip opening size, quality of tracks, upstream hardware, or personal taste, can push the experience one way or the other. No way to know for sure. But there are probably less controversial IEMs out there!

    Full disclosure: I have DM6 delivered mid-Feb ‘19 and love them. But yes, occasionally they have a bit of a hot, grainy treble. Haven’t done the scientific thing and run the same tracks right away with other IEMs to determine if the IEM/tip or something else is at fault. Will have to do that - I have a two way switch I can hook the DM6 and something else up to and just change IEMs without messing with plugging and unplugging... in testing sound differences seconds matter, a lot...
    Last edited: Mar 30, 2019
  6. MariusAB
    You should use the same song to compare and you will see that this "on the edge" tuning in dm6 reached too far. With some song going after dm6 to others iems i feel like my ears saying thank you so much at last we will have the rest. And this experience is the best with the same song. With dm6 you newer know where you will get harshenes and where it will be acceptable. But as always ears are different so this edge for some is further.
    Last edited: Mar 30, 2019
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  7. davidcotton
    The one thing that I keep getting from reading the various chifi threads is the treble peakiness. Some more than others. I guess it depends how sensitive you are to treble and what steps you are willing to go to tame it. It's also one of the things stopping me trying it.
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  8. jsmiller58
    Yup, by on the edge I was referring to the treble.

    I am skeptical of the QA and revised tuning theories because those are most amenable to testing on a common measurement rig, and without that data to me I have to discount it.

    I like a slightly brighter signature, so that may be why I am not as affected as some others. I don’t come from the old Beats design philosophy where it’s all about the bass, so having some treble put in front of me doesn’t offend or affect me. But I am in my late 50s so my high frequency hearing is not the same as my fellow audiophiles who are 2 or even 3 decades younger and thus hear more of the high frequencies.
  9. archy121
    I think people are getting this wrong.
    I believe as HBB said it’s a New series ie in addition to the DM6. It is Not a replacement for it and both will be sold. DM7 is a different beast in a different league with additional sonion driver making 6 vs 5 drivers in DM6. It’s not a simple case of retuning.
    It will clearly be dearer and I guess close to $300.

    And for me the sibilance on DM6 has completely disappeared after 200+ hrs. I’m guessing the biggest contributor to this change was from intensive burn in I did for last 96 hours. 24 hrs at a time with small rest and listening break in between. I can’t find anything sibilant any longer paired with the V30 as source.

    All are welcome to share worst sibilant sounding file so I can try.

    @MariusAB How did you get along with the cascade Burn in files ?
    Last edited: Mar 30, 2019
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  10. Cevisi
    I dont even got my dm6 yet i just talkin from my knowledge of others

    I heard the stock cable is garbage so i get a 8 core occ from nice hck hope it is good

    hck djt1 6n gc-occ 8c

    Wich tips should i get i head the stock ones fall off ?
  11. jsmiller58
    There was an interesting post on one of these threads a couple of days ago... a guy ran the Frequency Response (edit: added that for clarity) a few IEMs changing out the cables (including the DM6 with the stock cable vs other cables) and the conclusion was that cables don’t really matter. Definitely not a scientific experiment - insufficient number of IEMs and cables - but those few data points are food for thought...

    What this hobby needs is a very wealthy audiophile with time, skill, loads of gear, and scientific curiosity... so many of the arguments MIGHT be settled with data... on the other hand, some times it is fun to not peek behind the curtain as the mystery and possibility can bring its own enjoyment.
    Last edited: Mar 30, 2019
  12. archy121
    If you find the DM6 is over sibilant than get the widest bore tips. Philips or Newbee ones work well. On the other hand if you don’t find them sibilant or after a while they settle down than Symbio Wide or JVC Spinfits are great. I’m now using the Spinfits.


    Replacement Sponge Foam Earbuds & Silicone Earbuds for NewBee Red

    Take a look at the tips link in my signature for info that might help you further.
    Last edited: Mar 30, 2019
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  13. archy121
    Anecdotal evidence says otherwise.
    I don’t think a mic setup can fully pick up sound from iem’s as our ears do. Even the tip material and how it contacts with ear changes perception of sound.
  14. jsmiller58
    Sorry, edited my response to make it clearer.

    Yes, anecdotal evidence says one thing. His FR graphs say something different.

    Up to everyone to decide what they want to believe!
  15. JRichardson1228
    What are the odds? I finally bite the bullet and these get announced. :laughing: Oh, well. I still want to test them out anyway and I did get them almost 25% off, so it's not a big deal. Just a funny coincidence.

    Side note: Got my shipping confirmation, so we'll see if I have any headaches trying to receive my DM6 or if the earlier chaos has dissipated.
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