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BGVP discussion thread DM7/ DM6/DMG and NEW BA series

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  1. mr.karmalicious
    iPhones actually used very good DACs and the USB/lightning dongles easily punch above their weight with things that cost 10x as much, but the es100 should still be better.
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  2. VancityDreaming
    I have the usb c dongle. It doesnt touch the es100 in terms of instrument separation
  3. docentore
    Maybe in the never iPhones, but the ones I've heard (iP3-6) were mediocre. As for the USB dongle - I have one and use it, its good with DM6 but seriously underpowered when used with Android. My SMSL Idea runs around it in terms of SQ, but costs 10x as much.
  4. mr.karmalicious
    Depends on the phone, or more precisely the OS: if you're not on a recent build of Android P, it's definitely super undervolted and Just Not Good, folks. If you're up to date, though, it has the same performance as it does on iOS. (There's a good XDA thread or two about this)
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  5. docentore
    Thanks. I know way of setting higher gain using terminal, didn't know that the issue is sorted in Android P. I'll look for the thread, I know there is Pixel Audio control app thread that I've got most of my info.
    But I don't care too much anyway as said Im using it with DM6s, the ammount of power is sufficient to drive these.

    EDIT: just did quick search on XDA- unless I missed something to get more power you still need root and either Pixes2 Audio control app or use terminal method, which I'm using if more power is required. I thought there is some more info since I had look but seems same news.
    Last edited: Mar 28, 2019
  6. zeppu08
    Actually im using an iPhone XS Max.. wondering if its still good to get the es100(becoz of balance) knowing im not gonna get the best BT codec with it or im good with like the BTR3 that only has 3.5mm? Anyone tried to compare using the DM6?
  7. archy121

    To be honest everyone is missing the real point & strength of owning the ES100 or BTR3 - BT LDAC Wireless receiver. Lossless quality wireless audio using LDAC that rivals wired connection to phones.
    This should be the main reason to consider buying either of these devices.

    Neither of these devices wired is particularly better than iPhone Max with its dongle or LG V30 wired. Don’t expect to buy this and audio becomes so much better using a wired setup - certainly not good additional cost to improvement ratio.

    I use BTR3 and DM6 with the LG V30 using LDAC. Sound quality is hard to discern from wired solution. Easy step to go wireless full time with it.
    Last edited: Mar 28, 2019
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  8. Dcipar81
    Do you still feel the same way now? I just got a pair and I feel exactly how you feel. Like they have a cold or something...the detail is there but it just sounds so weird. I don't exactly want to spend a ton more money on cables or tips. I have plenty laying around so i can mix and match with those, but was the burn in the significant factor or do you feel it was the tips?
    FWIW tips always seem to have the greatest affect on sound for me..
  9. Kitechaser
    They changed after burn in. The sound smoothed out over time, and copper cables made a big difference as well.
    Straight out of the box I thought they were defective, and I had actually gotten a hold of Penon and was about to send them back.
    Just let them play music overnight for 2-3 days, and come back to them and see what you think.
    Tips affect the sound on this iem more than most. Overall this iem takes some work to get going.
    Good luck.
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  10. redrol
    Unless you can try a different cable, it's likely they are defective. The DM6 does not need burn in to sound amazing.
  11. Cevisi
    Is the stock cable trash ?
  12. chinmie
    seconded. i agree it needs other cable to improve(i think any other cable would do), but i don't think the DM6 change at all after i swap the cables.
  13. Kitechaser
    The change after burn in was with the stock cables.
    Copper fixed the tonality issues.
    Stock cables are cheap SPC, and are pretty useless in my opinion.
  14. Cevisi
    I order the dm6 yesterday wich cable should i get
  15. redrol
    No I mean you might have a defective cable. The stock cable should be fine if it actually functions correctly.
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