Beyerdynamic Xelento w/ 2 cables

Discussion in 'Headphones for Sale / Trade' started by azynneo, Nov 10, 2017.
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    20171112_102723.jpg Hey head-fi, I have a pair of xelentos in excellent condition. This pair will not come with any complys or original packaging so pricing will be reflective of this.

    Price will be 650$ shipped, paypal gifted or fees will be on you. Price is FIRM and a steal at such a price.

    Note - You can buy complys on amazon for like 10-20$ for a full set. I would provide mine but I'm sure you guys don't want my ear pieces.
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  2. azynneo
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  3. azynneo
    No trades please.
  4. azynneo
    Picture added, yes it comes with the cable with the controls, they'e unused. Also comes with the spare vents.
  5. azynneo
    Price drop 625 shipped.
  6. azynneo
    Sales pending

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