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Beyerdynamic Tesla T1 w/BTG Cable

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  1. deadspider187
    For Sale
    I have enjoyed my time with these, but have decided that they're not for me.  They are in very good condition, but do have a few berely noticable blemishes.  I'd rate them 8.5-9/10.  The adjustment on them is a little loose, though that may just be the way the T1's run, I'm not sure since this is the only pair I've ever used.

    Comes with case, box, microfiber cloth.
    Price is shipped to US.
    EDIT: Several people have expressed concern about the blemishes I mentioned, so I'm including pictures.  They are pretty minor and can't really be seen unless you are specifically looking for them.
    I still need these gone, so I'm lowering it further.  $650 $625 now.
  2. minhjerry
    Message sent, wait for rely!
  3. deadspider187
    Still up for sale.
  4. MP1968
    Pm sent.
  5. deadspider187
    These are still up for sale.
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