Beyerdynamic T90 with Little Dot Mk3. Noisy at higher volumes?

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by rihsc102, May 20, 2016.
  1. rihsc102
    I have some Beyerdynamic T90s arriving today and need a new amp to go with them as I think my Magni 2 Uber will be too bright. I have a limited budget and would really like to try a tube amp. I have pretty much decided on the Little Dot Mk. 3, as it's the cheapest one with good reviews, and I can buy it locally in the UK. Just one thing is holding me back, I have heard that it can be noisy at high volumes. That's a big turn off for me, as I listen to my music at high volumes pretty much all the time. Has anyone heard it with the T90s? Is it noisy with these headphones?
    Any help is appreciated.
  2. atariguy39
    I'm listening to that combo right now.   I normally don't listen at high volumes but when I turn it up now and with a few different sources(Pono, Rega Apollo CD) I'm not hearing anything other than some distortion being it's so loud, no static or noise between songs or quiet parts of a song.  The distortion could just be the tubes I'm running or headphones not handling the power.  It's a great sounding amp and the build quality is very nice.  I've had it for a few years.
  3. atariguy39
    Just plugged my T90's into the Bottlehead crack w/speedball and there is no distortion when cranked up so assuming it's the tubes or the little dot put out less power than the crack.   
  4. MohawkUS
    Those T90s may be the most sensitive pair of headphones I've come across. I don't have experience with the amplifier in question, just that if there is any noise to an amplifier the T90s will be the first to reveal it. During the time the T90 passed through my system I was using vintage amplification for my headphone needs and it was unsuitable. When it comes to power output I'd veer in favor of lower output amplifiers as whatever you buy you won't be asking for much power out of it; might as well have an amplifier operating at a level it was designed for rather than a monster with the volume @ 5-10%(which would be noisy, yes.) The LD should fit the bill, seems like just the right kind of amplifier for these headphones provided none of the reviews on it mention background noise.
  5. rihsc102
    Ok thanks for the advice. I think I'm just going to wait a few months and get the bottlehead crack with speedball.
  6. atariguy39
    That's a good move IMO,  while the Little Dot is a very nice amp and sounds nice, the synergy between the T90's and the Crack w/SB is so much better.  

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