Beyerdynamic T70p, titanium Monster Inspiration NC, Harman Kardon AE, Westone 1ts
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Aug 13, 2014
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Concord, NC
Aug 13, 2014
Concord, NC
I'm putting up my Beyerdynamic T70p and titanium Monster Inspiration NC for trade towards the headphones listed bellow certain models I'm also willing to add cash to. Both headphones have been kept in a smoke, pet and child free home and have EVERYTHING that originally came with the products, I am also the original owner of both products I purchased new. I'm wanting trade these to get a home unit as opposed to the portable set-up I currently have I've listed the products I'm wanting bellow and what I'm willing to trade for them.

The Beyer's are my pride and joy that I've kept in like new condition, I absolutely love the sound these put out. They're so accurate that I also use them not just for critical listening but also with my PS4 for gaming and then add the amazing comfort these possess and it all adds up to a truly masterful piece of ingenuity.

The Monster's I've kept in very good condition. These were my first higher tier headphones I purchased when I first really got into the field and have grown not to fond of the strong bass output these have. The noise cancelling feature is great and has came in handy quite often during my time in the airport, I sanded down the paint in the battery compartment (shown in picture) to its metal which looks so much better than the dull paint.

The Harmon Kardon AE's are a very nice relaxing sound that is great for winding down after work. These are in like new condition but I no longer have anything other than the buds themselves and the case.

The Westone 1ts was my very first higher price IEM that I fell in love with so much I purchased the 4r's a month later. These are amazingly comfortable and very transparent (especially in the $100 price point). They are completely sweat proof and are flush with the ear so perfect for working out and wearing in a bike helmet. I also no longer have anything minus the buds themselves.

Audeze EL-8 Open Back
Beyer;s + HK + Westone's
Beyer's + $100 or
Monster's + HK/Westone + $300

Audeze LCD 2
Beyer's + Monster's + Westone's + HK's + $300

Hi-Fi man HE-400i
Beyer's or
Monster's + $200 or
Monster's + Westone's + HK's

Hi-Fi man HE-500
Beyer's + Monster's + $100

HI-Fi man HE-560
Beyer's + Monsters' + HK's/Westone's + $200 or
Beyer's + Monsters' + HK's + Westone's + $150

Sennheiser HD700
Beyers' + Monster's + HK/Westone + $100 or
Beyer's + HK + Westone's + $200

I'm also willing to sell said headphones
Beyer's- $450
Monster's- $150
Harmon Kardon- $80
Westone- $80

If you've any questions or offers please feel free to contact me and I'll reply as soon as I can, Thank you and look forward to hearing from you. The site's giving me issues with uploading my pictures but I'll happily email them if interested.
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