Beyerdynamic T5p (1st gen) Like New - Sell or Trade for Chord Mojo
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Beyerdynamic T 5 p (1st gen) Like New - Sell or Trade for Chord Mojo in great condition.
Since I love the open airy sound of Grado headphones, I went looking for audiophile closed headphones that I could use in my family room, while others were watching TV.  After considering the T5p and the Fostex TH-900, I chose the T5p as having more airy, Grado-like sound, better noise isolation capability, better construction, and better comfort.
These are indeed the closed headphones for folks who prefer open headphones, but sometimes have to have the noise isolation capability to not hear, and not be heard by, those around them.
These are in like-new condition, with no mars or scrapes, and the leather of the earpads and headband is in new condition.  I bought these new and am the original owner.  
The Beyerdynamic T 5 p has been regarded as one of the very best headphones for iPhone and other portable music sources, though their over-ear (not on ear) nature and inability to fold don't really make them very portable.  Their sound is excellent, as reviews have stated.  
As shown in the photos, these come with the metal case, a black cloth pouch, and the original cardboard box (original box has a scratch on one side, but that is the only mar anywhere in the material!
In deference to my 28 pairs of Grados, I am seeking a Chord Mojo, known to be great with them, which I would take in trade, or I will be happy to sell at the price shown, which includes PayPal fee and priority USPS shipping to USA address.
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