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Beyerdynamic T1 2nd Gen vs HD 800S

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  1. Confucius
    I am looking to upgrade from my dt 1770 pro and I've settled on deciding between these two headphones. I really like the sound of the dt 1770 which I hear the t1.2 expand upon with a better sound stage so I am leaning towards those at the moment. The T1 2nd gen are also $400 cheaper so that is a consideration to make as well, if the HD800s are really $400 better if they are better at all.
    I've also owned dt880 600 ohms in the past and loved their sound quality. I listen to all types of music and also play many video games. I would really love a big 3D sound stage, which is one of the reasons I'm upgrading from the dt1770 despite loving the sound!
    Since I really like my dt1770 I think I would like the T1.2 a lot but I've seen many people say the HD800s is far superior, so this is where my hesitation comes from.
    Pros and Cons between these two headphones from someone who knows both will be very appreciated!
    They will be paired with an ODAC Rev B and Beyer A20 amplifier.
    Thanks for reading my thread and hopefully any help you can provide! :)
  2. dongster
    hey man, im in a similar situation actually, what did you end up learning/deciding?
  3. Confucius
    I went ahead and ordered the beyer t1 2nd gen for now from amazon. They have free returns until jan 31st since it's the holiday season so if they don't blow me away I'll return it and order the HD800s. I went with them first because I really do like my dt 1770 and I read the t1.2 soundstage is more all encompassing and less forward than those of the HD800s.
  4. dongster
    I see∼∼ I've heard the t1 and t1.2 multiple times in shop, I Digg it, don't really feel more details than the dt1770 tho, just brighter and more open

    Just still having fantasies any how good the hd800 could be though
  5. Confucius
    I'll be sure to let you know what I think of the dt1770 vs t1.2 when they come tomorrow! I've heard so many mixed things about which is better HD800S vs T1.2 that I think it's just down to preference.
  6. Me x3
    Well yeah, once you've reach certain SQ, personal preferences become much more important than ultimate technical performance.
  7. akg fanboy
    Funny because I'm receiving my dt1770 and hd800 soon.... And I own the t1 (all of them being first gen). 
  8. akg fanboy
    I think my q701s at $200 were really where the diminishing returns started in SQ. I got my T1s and the soundstage is slightly smaller than my quincys actually. There is more bass and thankfully it is not overwhelming at all for me, it is well within my range. The mids sound really different, I actually prefer my quincys for the midrange. The biggest strength of the T1 imo is the better imaging
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  9. Me x3

    Yes, that's where diminishing returns start kicking.
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  10. dongster
    hahah thanks man
  11. dongster
    omg pls let us how about hd800 vs dt1700 vs t1 man, hard to find comparison btw closed and open cans
    i guess i just want to experience the super details people keep raging about in the hd800, which i might be missing out on dt1770
  12. akg fanboy
    I already got my dt1770 today, I will receive the hd800 tomorrow so I will be able to post my early impressions between all 3 tomorrow [​IMG]
    So far I actually prefer the dt1770 over the t1
  13. dongster
    that would be great! pls also add Audio technica w5000 to the mix of comparison, man u own all the headphones im considering, sadly, i can only buy one of them :p
    i read that w5000 is godly for female vocals, but not as detailed as hd800? wonder if thats true?
    i have dt1770 and he400i, always finding myself reaching for the 1770
  14. akg fanboy
    Sure, check my EQ response for the w5000 in my picture album. then take a look at this graph from innerfidelity http://www.innerfidelity.com/images/AudioTechnicaATHW5000.pdf
    The w5000s have a huge dip in around 7-8khz. From the stock sound out of the box, the vocals are very upfront and sound just short of godly. The main problem is the dip in 7-8khz makes the voices have tons of reverb and just sound completely unnatural. After my EQ, they are hands down the best headphones for vocals. It is not as detailed as my q701 so most certainly not as detailed as the hd800. I'll compare them all tomorrow anyways
  15. akg fanboy
    I was quite busy today so unfortunately I did not have a chance to compare them. I can say the hd800 has the largest soundstage in any headphone I have ever heard, they beat my q701s and easily beat the t1s in terms of sounstage. They are very bright and more revealing than the t1s. I can say I do like the extreme transparency and huge soundstage of the hd800 but they do make me fatigued much quicker than any other headphone I have used. Hopefully I can make a better comparison tomorrow 
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