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Beyerdynamic Headphone Case/Bag

  1. k3wt
    Big thanks to Robin at HiFi Headphones for sourcing me a case for my DT770 Pro headphones.

    I contacted a few retailers in fact and most of them simply couldnt be bothered to get one for me. One didnt even bother responding to my emails, despite buying products from them in the past :/

    ....Anyway thankfullly i found this forum and realised that there was a UK sponsor selling Beyer stuff so i gave them a call and they got me one as quickly as humanly possible. Credit wheres credit's due i cant fault their service to be honest, very helpful and polite on the phone. you may think that this sounds a bit brown nosing but i personally find customer service very important and if staff have a bad attitude im more than happy to walk away. so much so that recently i did a round trip of 60 miles just to get an oil/brake fluid change for my car rather than going to my local dealership 3 miles from me. Wish i could say the same for Royal Mail though! The package was a signed for item and they just left it on the front porch in plain view to the public. I was even at home but didnt hear the door bell or any knock at the door! To be truthful it was a sunday morning so ill let them off [​IMG]

    Im sure you've heard enough from me now so ill stick some pics up for any1 else whos disappointed that Beyerdynamic didnt provide a case that they do for the DT880s etc. Personally find it great for transporting them and keeping dust off them when not in use [​IMG]

    (holes in the corners are for jack adpaters BTW)
  2. shaun_g
    We actually now have two Beyerdynamic headphone cases in our inventory.

    I particularly like the finish of the nylon Beyerdynamic bag, but it doesn't wipe clean as easily as the vinyl case.

  3. mopiko
    hi i am looking for the beyerdynamic bag too~! This is a 2010 thread, wondering if anyone can provide me with some pointers on where to get this shipped internationally?

  4. bala


    I guess thomann has it, check this link. Hope that helped.
  5. rovex
    Out of interest, would the Beyer bags work fine with something like a Z1000? I'm interested, the pouch that came with the Z1000 doesn't quite cut the mustard.

    Shaun, i'll get you on the other forum too. :wink:
  6. shaun_g
    Hi rovex, I just noticed your post on the other forum! [​IMG]
    Probably best to give Robin or Jon a call (01903 768910) with the measurements and they can check for you.  Without the measurements it would be just a guess!

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